How to use GFX tool to play PUBG smoothly? Download best GFX.

How to use PUB Gfx tool to play PUBG smoothly

The PUB gfx tool helps you to play PUBG mobile in high FPS. After some maintenance and updates, the system requirement(RAM and processor) increased to run the game without lag.

As a result, the PUBG mobile heroes, who play the game on less than 3 GB RAM don’t get the best game performance.

No lag, o9nly smoothness
Best game performance

But, the free tool gfx has made it easier to run PUBG mobile with better FPS. PUB GFX tool is the application made to set up the graphic for the PUBG game to get a better gaming experience.

So, the user can customize their graphic themselves using the GFX tool to play their favourite game.

How to use the GFX tool to play PUBG mobile smoothly? Best setting.

After you download the application; Turn your mobile data on and follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the resolution

If you’re using less than 3 GB RAM mobile to play PUBG then the gfx tool has an 800*600:SVGA resolution option for better performance.

Or, if you are using a high-end phone(higher processor, RAM), then select accordingly.

But for the low-end phone third option is best to optimize performance.

Step 2: Select the graphic level.

If you have a phone that has less capacity, then select the smooth graphic option, it helps to minimize the lag during gameplay.

Otherwise, for more than 4GB, the best option is balanced or HD to get the best quality and performance. Ultra HD with high (30) FPS is for high-end phones.

Step 3: Select FPS

The more FPS means the more smoothness. But, selecting extreme fps doesn’t mean you will get the benefit of the app in low-end mobiles. So, select Ultra 40 FPS for less than 3GB RAM. Extreme 60FPS for 4GB RAM; And select higher FPS mode, if you have a gaming mobile.

Step 4: Select the style

Don’t select a colourful option or, other in less than 3 Gb ram phone; Because it consumes batter at a high rate and creates a lag problem due to colourful graphics.

So, the soft style is the best option to play your favourite game PUBG with high FPS. But, if you have branded(gaming) phone, then you can select another option too.

Step 5: select shadow

Shadow means double picture, which creates lag and reduces load speed.

I made a comparison between 4 GB and 2 GB phones. When I enabled the shadows option on a 2GB phone, the game performance declined dramatically.

And with 4GB ram, the performance decreased slightly. So, it’s better to turn off shadows for 2GB ram. But if your mobile RAM is higher than 4Gb, it’s better to turn on shadows for a better graphic.

NOTE: Shadow increases graphic quality but reduces performance.

Other options:

  • Select a game variant and use the Global 1.1x version.
  • Make the sound quality low for better performance.
  • Disable the MSAA option.
  • Disable simple Shader(DEMO).

Congratulations, you have fixed up the setting of the gfx tool, now you can play PUBG mobile smoothly.

Now, launch your game and feel the difference between the performance and FPS.

Frequently asked question

  • Best Pubg mobile GFX setting for 6 GB RAM

Game variant: Global 

Resolution: 1280*720 (Depends on the screen) 

Graphic: HD (Your choice)

Style: Colorful

FPS: 60 or 90(Depending on processor)

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