How to be a successful student? Avoid mistakes in college and school.

How to be the successful student?

What mistakes do you need to avoid in your school or, college to be a successful student?

Let’s know some mistakes that stop us to become a successful student.

Why you want to be the successful student?

Let’s say you joined the university for the bachelor degree for which you will sacrifice four years of your life and hard-earned money.

You can say that you have entered a separate world.

There you will meet with people from various location and culture.

So, to promote your identity among other more than a thousand students, you wish to be a successful student.

You want to pass your four years with unforgettable memories with the college and its member.

You want to be the best because to earn goodwill and reputation that will pay you after your graduation.

Who is the successful student?

I don’t know how you think about this topic, because you may have different perception and thinking.

Let’s take three types of students:

First one is a student who knows everything about the books but hesitates to talk with others and sit in the last corner of the bench silently as sage meditates in the jungle.

The second one is, who knows nothing about the study but good at extra curriculum; Talk in class, make everyone laugh and love to go on the field.

And the last one is who is good at everything but not perfect in single thing (50%).

Now tell which type of student you call a successful in school or, college?

I think no students are good or bad because everything has a reason.

If you say, ‘I know everything, but I am introvert‘, then what you’ll do with your knowledge if it is not going to be useful for anyone.

If you say ‘I hate to study, but I have the confidence to speak in front of the people’, then what you’ll talk if you have an empty head.

And finally, if you say ‘I’m good at everything, but I am not perfect in one of them‘. Then don’t you know half knowledge is dangerous.

Then tell me who is best and who is worst, if there is at least one fault in everyone.

But, I think successful student are those who can identify his weakness and work hard to turn his weakness into a strength.

You will think ‘I am the topper of my college, so I am the best‘, but your marks not only determine how best you are.

Those are also best who prefers to fail in the exam rather than to pass by cheating from others.

Qualities of successful students

These are the shining qualities:

  • They are well-disciplined and concentrate on their work.
  • Best students are a hard-worker, time manager, and first in their work.
  • They are loyal to his friend but cleaver from the mind. They chose a friend carefully.
  • He will talk with the dynamic manner with everyone without any ego.
  • Good students always ask a meaningful question to the teacher but the silly question in friend group to have fun.
  • The best student doesn’t laugh at his friend’s opinion, instead supports him.
  • He always takes parts in school function and extra curriculum.
  • He is both practical and theoretical.
  • The good student always mentions the name of his school or university, wherever he goes.

These mistakes don’t let you become the successful student in school or, collage; some tips.

Before you join your school or, university, you had a dream to be a successful student.

However, due to the various reason, you lose your track. After some months, the enthusiasm to do great in the college or school disappeared from you like an evening sun.

So, after you turn such a person who doesn’t care about anything; meaning you lost hope. These reasons don’t let you become a best:

Love is not always beautiful.

You have heard everywhere that love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Yes, it is, but sometimes it can make you king to sage.

I want to say, you are a soft-hearted person, so you had fallen in love with another beautiful soul in your school days or wherever.

Will you tell me, how was the love experience? Do you feel like you are in heaven or you considered yourself one of the mont unlucky people in the world?

Let me say, love, is only beautiful if you have chosen the right person. Who understands you, your ambition, and your conditions.

Otherwise, you will see stars on the day time, forget about to become the successful student, while you’re in school or college.

I have seen intelligent people in my days who used to be a topper but later turn like a mad person because of their critical love life.

There are many other reasons to poison your mind. But one thing is sure if you got someone who asks you more time, torture you, or dominate you, then this thing stops you to do anything.

Let me tell you why I am saying this.

I had a friend who never failed in any exams and also good at other activities too. He was the smart among all of us.

However, when he was in the fourth semester, he falls in love with a girl. I don’t know what kind of behaviour she showed him, but she made him always depressed.

He didn’t share me his all story, but I could predict that he suffered a lot, because he failed in other semesters continuously.

I am not discriminating anyone because girls also become a victim of cursed relationship. Be careful!

Therefore, if you are in love with someone during your study, then trust me, you are already disturbed. Yes, your worst relationship can’t let you focus on your study. I think you have understood what I wanted to say.

However, I am not telling you had also faced the same situation. But I can say that the wicked relationship gives you grief and suffering. As a result, you will not feel the taste in your food, and you are thinking to become the best student in college or school.


While you are studying, your priority is to become a good student. Therefore, focus on your goal. Don’t accept such thing which can take away your motivation. You know once self-motivation is gone, it is hard to regain it.

I suggest, if you wish to become a successful student then don’t think about love. Because it is not a time to do marry or, waste time on someone.

However, nowadays, it’s become a trend that everyone wants to have a boyfriend or girlfriend(partner). If you are among everyone, then whom you will give your time Love or study?

But, if you eagerly want to make a partner, then chose someone who will say let’s built each other, not let’s destroy each other.

If you get a supporting partner, then you are lucky, because love is beautiful too and a good source of motivation, if you choose the right one.

Your satisfaction

If you want to go on the top then never be satisfied how much successful you become.

You are in school, so it’s your learning phase, and there are unlimited things to learn, so don’t be satisfied until you understand many things.

If you become satisfied with your first success, then you can’t do better in another step.

Suppose you are doing better in your school in the first year. Let’s say you secured good marks, and you took part in extra curriculum, every opportunity you grabbed.

Now you become happy about your good days. You will be satisfied with your deeds. But such satisfaction will not let you become a genuine student.

You must think that ‘I have done great works this year and I should do more preparation to be better.’

Don’t forget your last year has become your past, and those successful days are gone.

If you become satisfied with your current result, then you will not do more struggle for another time, because you are happy with what you have.

Meaning, you will not upgrade yourself, another year will be more challenging, but your preparation will be the same.

Again let’s say, you buy a bicycle this year by your own earning. Now tell me will you be happy with that bicycle? If you will, then you will not try more to buy a bike.

But you are not satisfied with your current level then you will try to earn more money to buy an expensive and comfortable vehicle in the coming days.

If human being would have satisfied in their first invention, then how could we be able to fly to the moon? Do you understand what I mean? Yes, you are an intelligent person, surely you understood.


You did best in your first year, everyone prised and appreciated your talent, so you become happy about that. But happiness is for a limited time if you want more you need to do more.

You must seek for more appreciation and approbation, and you will get more when you don’t satisfy now and work harder.

Let’s suppose you got 50 per cent in the first year, but you didn’t satisfied for that grade. Therefore, you multiply your concentration to become a smart student and got 60 per cent in another year.

I suggest you don’t be satisfied because still, you can upgrade your scores in next year like you raised your marks by 10 per cent this year.

Some of your friends

I’m not accusing your friend of your failure.

Off course, your friends are the piece of your heart, and they’re a sibling from another parent.

However, most of the time, this kind of trust toward friends can fail you.

College or school is the best place to make friends, but you can’t become the successful student if you have a least one wrong friend among your best friends.

Let’s say you’re doing something related to your study. You’re trying to concentration on your class-related task. At the meantime, your phone ring and it’s your friend.

Your friend invited you somewhere immediately. You can’t ignore that invitation, because he’s your best friend.

So you go there where he called you.

When you reach there, he takes you somewhere. And introduce you to his group and ordered a bottle of vodka.

Now, you’ve to drink, or, your friend won’t speak with you again; you take some peg and go for a ride.

And after some time he asked you to take another kind of intoxication.

What will you do? Only you’ll ask him is it wise to take.

And he’ll reply, ‘yes it is, life is for fun. Look I’m taking it for years I’m still handsome‘. Therefore, you trust him; you take what he offered you; made you addict.

He invited you again and again like that. While you’re in class, he asked you to bunk the classroom.

You did everything because not only of his happiness, but also you enjoyed this trend, and you make it as your habit.

Now tell me, can you become the best. Can you secure good marks or learn other skill in the school.

And what stopped you being the best, your friend. A friend whom you think your best made you waste.


I want to say a friend is an essential part of everyone’s life.

But if you are with the wrong person who doesn’t care for himself and want to make others like him, then don’t think you could become the best student in your school or, college.

I suggest you make a friend such a person who talk about ideas. Choosing a friend is like choosing a girlfriend or boyfriend(spouse, partner).

If you got best you could do great, otherwise don’t think about any good things, why to give pressure to the mind.

I am not saying, don’t go to a friend if they call you. I am only saying, don’t forget what you wanted to be in life and try to differentiate between wrong and right path. Your worst friend can put you in the ocean of regret, subtly.

Time management skill

You watch a movie, and while you watch it for the first time, you will not understand the lesson of the film properly. But if you see it again, you will get a bit more meaning.

And once again if you watch it, then you will understand everything about that film. It’s the true meaning, name of every character, all dialogue and scene.

While you are in the class, you listen to your teacher somehow you understand what he taught to you.

But, when you come to the home, you forget everything, because in school you not only listened to your teacher but also many other things.

Suppose you make notes of every subject with decoration in the classroom.

But while you come home, you throw your uniform in the left corner and bag in the right corner and do unnecessary things with a hungry stomach. So, how you will become the best student in your school or college?

If you only worked hard and concentrated in the class, but never touch those decorative notes at home.

You never give priority to your compulsory work, and you never managed time to read and practice at home.

You only learn what your teacher told you in the classroom, but you don’t try to repeat the notes at home, to grasp it’s the true meaning.

Such kind of habit won’t let you become a successful student in school and college.

If you have lack of time managing skill, then it will be difficult for you to do the best in the school or college days.


Revision is necessary to get in-depth knowledge. Don’t be proud you never missed any classes, if you don’t review the things what you learn in the school.

I suggest you make your routine, manage a suitable time to revise.

Also, it is not wise to depend on the teacher because he is also a human who will miss or forget to tell you everything. He is only your guide, not a Wikipedia.

So, self-study is the best way to become a successful student in college or school.

Research every words and sentence; use a dictionary, google, whatever to learn more about the topic.

While you are in the class, think that you are in theatre and your teacher is hero, his words are dialogue and board is the scene, and your notes are video file that you take to watch it again.

Assume that you don’t understand in the movie effectively, and watch that movie (book or copy) again at home on the same day. It is the best habit to become a successful student.

Don’t read to pass the exam, because you will forget after your graduation. But try to understand the meaning which will settle in your mind for years.

Your mentality

Do you have a mentality like this; Why should I study or, become a good student, if my father is earning enough for me.

I am from a high background, so I don’t think it is compulsory to focus on my study.

I am born to enjoy without worry and stress because I have everything that I need. If you have this kind of thinking, don’t read this article.

Because most of the time, your mentality stops you. Yes, I have seen who don’t care about the class and other school-related matter.

Or, you have this kind of mentality; ‘many best students in my class are multi-talented, and they know everything. If I compare with them, then I am nothing. If I worked hard and hard, still I can’t go ahead of them. I am the weakest person.

So, if you think like this, then there is no point in reading this blog. If you don’t have trust within you, then what you can do? Nothing!

Yes, this kind of thinking will not let you become a successful student. It meant that you are retreating because of the fear that doesn’t exist.

Such a mentality not only disturb you but also you can’t start any dream project, because your mind is full of poison.

Instead of thinking to stand on your foot, if you rely on your parents, you can’t enjoy your life for many days.

Your parents are becoming older and older, how long they will nourish you like a prince?
And Why do you go to school to compare yourself with others?


Becoming an excellent student is the most memorable part of your life; every student(more than a thousand) and the teacher will praise you; know you personally, whatever.

If you think I am studying to get only for a job but my family has made enough for me then you are thinking wrong.

Because you study is not only related to getting a job, it is all about making yourself intense from inside.

If you think, so then you could enjoy with your friends by spending your parent’s wealth, but you cannot pay their debt.

Furthermore, no need to make a comparison with anybody else, instead work hard, read more, learn extra, be social; and be determined in school or college, to become a successful student.

Don’t think that he or she secured good marks but I can’t do that, because not only your mark sheet determine your excellency.

You can become a successful student if you are a determined person who is interested in learning.


The dangerous disease laziness has no medicine to cure.

Whenever you try to do something your lazy mind will tell you ‘don’t do anything, you are not ready yet, take a nap and do it tomorrow.’ And next day tomorrow never comes.

The lazy mind is the worst coach we get for free. Yes, somehow you can call it good because it will try to give you comfort, but can easily damage your life. Do you understand what I mean?

You want to become a successful student but if you are a lazy person, then don’t wish, because no miracle is going to happen.

Here is my best example

My first class used to start at 6 am. Can you predict what happened with me or shall I explain? Okay then, In the winter season class start at 6 am. But I attend the class for six days in the whole semester(haha).

No, I was not far from my university also I had a bike but also what to say, my laziness never allow me to wake up in the early morning.

However, anyhow I passed that subject by reading sentences of the notes without understanding. So, I never took it as my success, because I become unknowledgeable on that subject even I didn’t fail.

It is only my life experience that tells, a person who never attends the class because of laziness think to become a successful student. What a joke!


You can’t do anything if you are lazy. Yes, laziness has no medicine, but you can challenge it and kick out from your body.

A lazy person neither work hard nor work smart, but only he seeks comfort everywhere. And one thing is that you can’t achieve your dream if you don’t work for it and to work for it, you require an active body.

So, to become a successful student, you need to challenge your lazy mind, which requires courage and exercise.

Why do you need courage, let me say, you open your eyes in the 5 am, but you don’t want to come out of your bed?

Because you think what you will do in the early morning or, your lazy mind plan to sleep five minutes more.

But when you close your eyes for five minutes, it will be almost 8 am while you again open your eyes. So, you missed 3 hrs of the days in which you could do many things like; exercise, study or whatever.

But if you had shown the courage to jump out of bed in first alarm, you would have won. Try it.

You hide from other

If you have an idea or any extraordinary talent, but you hide them from others because you are a shy person.

Whenever the teacher asks a question and you knew the answer, but you hesitate to raise your hands to answer.

Let’s say, your institution where you study, organize a program, and your other mate fought each other to perform that program.

But despite being best at some talent, you remain silent, and you don’t care about that occasion.

Whenever it was your turn to give a presentation in the classroom, you bunk the class, not because you don’t know how to give a presentation, but due to shyness.

If you never did what the best one do, then how could you imagine you can become a successful student?

Yes, you may know everything or, you are the topper of the year, but this is not only a thing that determines you are qualitative.

Okay, I understood you are the master of books, you can give the answer of everything without breathing, but what is the meaning of that if you never showed to others.

Don’t you see your teacher and other students know a person personally who are active in practical life, who take parts in opportunities, rather than a topper who is shy like a newly married groom?

Yes, I also had friends who were the hero of books but every time teacher mentioned the name of those who appeared in the practical field, who show themselves and promote their capacity.

Also, I have seen who are toper but hardly talk with others or, they have less and fewer friends.

Because of the nervousness, they remain mysterious even if they know everything. Therefore your hesitating habit stops you from becoming a successful student.


To be a best student is not a hobby but a wish. It is the reason you go to school, and you pay for it.

And also, school is the first place to show what you are. It is like a stadium. And if you think ‘I must remain silent because I have good marks then it’s your wrong decision.’

My intention is not to hurt someone’s self-esteem because I understand all have their unique behaviour.

Some are silent others are loud. I only want to say, if you crave to become an excellent student, then don’t feel shy to express your skill, talent, whatever to others; because school is a platform where you build confidence.

If you got the opportunity to give a speech, don’t miss it; don’t hesitate to present yourself and to shake hand with other students and greet your teacher.

Conflict within the family

It is the main reason that stops to become a successful student.

You may not have faced such a situation in your life or, maybe your parents are understanding.

But if your family don’t understand your needs and problem, then you can’t do the best in your school.

Let’s take an example of my town, a student who was hardworking and talent till sixth class turns into a bod boy.

Can you believe he starts to smoke and drink while he was in seventh class? Yes, he is still a child, but unfortunately, he willingly chooses a wrong path.

It is sad news, but his mother died while he was in sixth class. Therefore, his father married another woman. And you can imagine the behaviour of stepmother toward her stepson.

After that sad event, he never got a good treat from his parent, and his father didn’t take much care about him. You can call it a family conflict.
Therefore, a boy who used to went to school with enthusiasm and neat dress, later turn rowdy.

Some parents are too much demanding, force them, want to keep their children under strict rules. As a result, instead of becoming decent, the child turns worst. You know that the more pressure more dangerous explosion.

And also the most time I have seen parents unknowingly discourage their children, telling them useless, stupid or, whatever.

Moreover, if you are living under a joint family, in the maximum chance, you will be disturbed; not every time, but most of the time.


For parents, if you send your children to school or college, and wish to become an successful student for them, then don’t discourage them. Instead encourage them, reward them for their little success.

Don’t scold them for securing only 50 marks instead congrats them they did great and bless them you will do more next time.

Never create a conflicting situation on the family; When you two spouse fights each other than your children’s suffering in the corner.

And for you, don’t give any chance to your parent to speak ill. They work hard to pay a fee to make you a hero. So, take care of that sacrifice. If you failed then, tell the reason why you didn’t succeed so that they could give you a solution and direction.

If you are living in a family where the conflict never ends, then it’s better to live on the rented shelter. What to do if they don’t care about your future and mental health, you care for your self.

Your ego

Your ego is another thing that not only stops you to become a top student, but also the best employee, partner or spouse.

A person who thinks he is always right or superior stuck in the boundary.

This article is all about how to become a successful student so let’s only talk about student life.

Let’s say you are an intelligent student, so you know everything about your books; it doesn’t matter if you memorize it or you know by understanding. But you are.

Now, you will start to think you are superior to other friends, because you know everything, so you will not attend the school or disturb the whole class.

Listen, being the best student means being the best among your friends, teacher as well as the school.

So you must not think you are the superior to others, then no one will like you. And if no one loved you, how you will consider yourself best?

Also tell me, if you assume you are the genius, then why you are still a student, why?

Yes, you are intelligent I understood, but where is such behavior that the smart student shows?

This kind of attitude never let you know more things because you will not listen to others due to your ego. You will only learn in the limit.


The excellent student never says ‘I know, I know everything, I can answer anything, but they say, I don’t know many things, so I want to learn, tell me more.’

A common feature in every good student is that they are a curious person and try to find out the in-depth answer to every question. Also, they love to listen to others, because they know the person who listens more can multiply his knowledge.

So, if you want to be the favourite student in college and school, then put your ego in your pocket in spite, you know all the things.

Other people determine you if you are best or worst. An excellent student doesn’t mean you are only favourite of your teacher; it means that you are well mannered and loved by your friends too. You will be best, only when others will see you best.


Your only motive in college or school is to be a successful student.

However, many things stop your endeavour. Yes, the struggle is sure in life, if you are planning to do something good, it’s futility to think you can do it smoothly.

However, if you identify your weakness and reason for failure, you will become unstoppable.
If you know the problem, then you will solve and go ahead, or, you will curse yourself as the weakest person.

Don’t lose hope!

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