How to improve focus on the study? Easy way to concentrate on books.

How to improve concentration on the study

The big problem of every student is that they can’t improve focus on their study; Their mind swings, whenever they open their books.

So, this article has written about, how can you approach your mind to concentrate on your books. Also, this article includes a source of motivation. So, read all this blog.

It is hard to focus on study.

Let’s assume you see your favourite programme on television without missing it for a single day; you watch that programme whenever the channel broadcast it.

Your favourite show starts at midnight or, 5 am early mornings, no matter what time, you never miss it at any cost.

You sit in front of the TV like a hunting eagle.

Why do you do so?

Because you love the episodes, characters, everything about that programme. Right?

And another reason is that you have made a habit of watching that show; In another word, you can say that it has become your routine or, meditation.

However, have you ever concentrated on a study like you never missed a single day to watch TV?

No, I don’t think you have done. I am not saying you don’t want to study or, you hate books, no human on this earth can ignore the books, which are the ocean of knowledge.

So, you try to focus on your reading, though You keep the book in front of you, your mind starts to cook another plan.

Of course, the money-making task is effortless than concentrating on books.

How do you feel while reading books? I feel sleepy!

I can't concentrate on my study
Books? I want to sleep…

You remain active in other time, but the word on the books make you sleep. Another funny thing is, in the old days, whenever my parents command me to study, I used to go to the bathroom and come out after an hour.

Hardly if I open my books, instead to read, I used to draw ridiculous pictures on the last page of the copy.

Also, I used to feel hungry even though I had eaten before like an elephant.

These all activities I used to do in my past days while I was in school.

Now tell me, do you also do as I did or, you are the mature person? I think you and me are same.

You make a routine to study, wake up early morning, do exercise whatever, but your mind never becomes ready to focus on your books.

After all these endeavours, you open your google chrome to search ‘What should I do to improve my focus on the study’ or, you watch motivational videos on the internet. Don’t you?

Can motivational stuff help you to improve your concentration on your study?

Motivational stuff can be anything, like, videos, blogs or, someone’s life stories.

And, I think motivational stuff can give you sorts of ideas but can’t change your life.


Suppose you’re reading this article which has written about “how to improve focus on the study“; or, suppose you’re watching someone’s life experience about how did he improve his concentration on the study and become the topper of the school.

So, the video described the story of how that person made a good habit.

Now tell me, can you do what he had done to improve his focus on his study? Can you apply the same theories what the motivational video suggested you? Yes, you will but not for much time.

You will only change your thoughts until the video is running on your device. When the video ends, then your motivation will perish, and again you will adopt your unfocused life.

Meaning is that, no any motivator can motivate you, no any person can change the way you think. Yes, they will charge you until you are listening to them. After that, you will live your life as to how you used to live.

I am not telling you, motivational blogs, videos can’t help you to do something. However, I am saying that these things only encourage your mind to do a particular work for some time.

The source will give you a new concept that you were never conscious of, but it will not work on you daily.


Let’s say this is an article about “how to improve focus on the study”.

So if I suggest you, it is simple; “Wake up early in the morning“, “open your favourite books with fascinating pictures“, “keep in front of you“, “switch off your mobile and start to read“.

After you read these childish tips, you will do so, but you will not able to concentrate on your activity.

My advice will not change you, and will not work for you, because you are different from me. Your living style, work pressure, timing(routine), thoughts, all these things are unique from me.

Let’s suppose I have enough time, and I suggest you follow my routine for study, will you follow me? No, you will not because you may not have as much free time as I have.

So, I only want to say that motivation works on us with some limits.

Another example

Suppose you are a smoker who needs ten cigarettes per day. But you want to quit the habit of smoking because of many worst reasons.

Therefore, you searched for the idea to stop smoking on the internet. Also, many motivational videos tell you to quit this habit, and you watched them.

After getting all the tips and tricks you decided to give up smoking from today, but the next day you proved yourself as a determined smoker.

Knowing all about the negative effect of smoking and after getting tips, still, you can’t quit your habit? Why? Because you are addicted to it, you love it, so you make it a habit of it.

So, you arose a question to yourself, ‘can’t I quit this bad habit‘?

Yes, you can but only on that day when you will realize that your smoking habit is destroying you.

Not only you but your wealth and mental peace of your family. No motivation can stop your fingers holding a cigarette. Only your inner realization can do it.

So, smoking is a habit like a study. Smoking is a problem, and unable to ‘divert the mind on the study’ is also a problem. And both issues has one solution that is ‘realization’.

You will quit smoking when you know the value of precious life.

Likewise, you will focus on your study when you will understand the meaning of the future and when you regret tomorrow for today’s deeds.

You will start to study willingly if your heart and mind understand the value of time.

How did I boost my focus on the study?

In my school days, I was a weak student who never concentrated on the classroom.

Whenever the teacher asked me the topic, I never answered, because I had nothing to reply; not even I knew wrong answers to any question.

Despite being weak, I never failed in any exams. How? Because of friendship with one person who was the topper of the class.

We had examination seat planning according to roll number.

Fortunately, my roll number was one more than my topper friend. Therefore, in every exam, my seat used to fall behind him.

So, I used to copy all the answers from him. It was the reason for my success without any knowledge but with good marks. Like this, I gave my parents fake happiness in my old days.

However, time is dynamic. After the farewell from the school, we all friends separated from each other.

All my classmate chose their favourite subject for higher education. Similarly, I selected the management field, and my topper friend picked a different faculty.

So, No one left for me to show the answer on the exams.

For the first time, when I went for higher education, I decided to study myself to maintain my marks.

I think that now, no one will show me anything in the exam, not any further I can rely on anyone. I realized that my marks till now reflect me as an intelligent boy, but I was empty from inside.

In my higher education level neither, I’d supportive friends nor, roll number.

So, I think that ’till now I had obtained good marks anyhow, but now if I’ll not study myself I’ll fail and lose my reputation.’ This fear gave me motivation.

So, I start to improve my focus on study willingly and never copied anything from others.

You can easily improve your focus on the study by;

I can focus on my study
When you understand.

Know the value of education.

Education shows you the path

When you get puzzled in darkness.

You can’t do anything accurately unless you have not understood the value of that thing. You complain that you can’t focus on study.

Whenever you touch your books, your mind stops to work efficiently.

I suggest you no need to make routine or, pressure your mind to study, but only you need to understand the value of education.

So, your first task is to know why you want to study, what education can do for you.

You need to understand that you are not reading books to pass exams but to learn something new.

If you want to improve your focus on a study, then you must have the curiosity to know what the book writer has written on the book.

For example, you have booked with 400 pages. And have you ever think “how much time the writer had taken to complete that book“.

I suggest you before you try to focus on the books, create a curiosity to know the inner word of writer that he\she has added on it. Trust me your interest help you to upgrade your focus

Think about your parent’s hard work.

The precious thing in the world is

the smile on your parent’s face.

No, any school or university gives you free education. And you will say, I study in a public school for free with a full scholarship.

Then listen, your tuition fee is free, but no public or private educational institution pay your other expenses. Only your parents work hard to pay for it.

So, whether you are a student without a scholarship or not, your parents nourish you with equal hard work.

They do so because they expect something good from you; don’t take it wrong, parents don’t expect something from you for them, but you.

And have you ever realized how your parents are paying your fee and other unlimited daily expenses?

Also, have you ever imagined that your parents always think about you, they care about your future more than you do?

So, if they involve day and night to make your future bright, then why don’t you help them by respecting their care for you.

They don’t command you to lift heavy weight or work for the whole day. Only they ask you to study for you.

Think about your parents struggle to increase your concentration study.

It is the help you can do with your parents. Try to bring a smile on your parents face by your good deeds, make them proud.

And let’s suppose you are the student with a scholarship. It means that the school cares for you, school respect your talent.

If the school can educate you for free, then why can’t you invest your time for study? Don’t let the scholarship go waste, because the school trust you.

Future is the result of the present.

You will not live a comfortable life forever.

If you have not realized the value of time, then it is almost impossible for you to focus on your study.

The face about realization is, some people; I don’t know how, but they are punctual and smart from childhood.

Likewise, some people understand the price of time when they do not get what they have expected in life. You can say, the feeling of regret teach them the value of time.

However, other takes time to be mature. The reason is that they live in a comfortable life, or, they never encountered a hard time of life.

Either you live a comfortable or difficult life, you need to know the cost of time. You are living a luxurious life does not mean you will live forever like that.

So, I want to clarify that only you will begin to improve focus on your study when you start to care about the future.

One thing remembers, your today is your opportunity, and your future is in the hand of the present.

Therefore, to be focused on the study, think about your future, realize that if you don’t do today, you will never do, you missed this day.

So, concentrate on study not to pass an exam but to do this or that in the future. Your study schedule(routine) will not work unless you are careless about your future. Note it.

Dream that situation

Every great work starts with imagination.

Every journey starts with a dream. A person who can imagine himself as a favourite of everyone can become the favourite of all.

Let’s assume you are a weak student who doesn’t know anything and fails in the exam.

And when the exams result publishes either you don’t go to school or, you tear your mark sheet and throw on the road without showing it to your parents.

Tell me how do you feel on the day, when your friends take their result slip to their home with pride while you arrive home with empty hands and shameful face.

The movement is gloomy. So, if you wish to get good marks, you need to concentrate on study.

And if you can’t do so then do one thing to concentrate; dream about the situation when you are in the stage to receive topper trophi on annual function.

Imagine the movement that you know everything, and you can solve any question before the teacher solves in the classroom.

And Dream that your friend comes to you for help in the time of examination because you know everything. Trust me, these kinds of dreams are the source of motivation that can help you to improve focus on your study.

Now, some people say proudly that, ‘examination marks can’t decide my future.‘ I

f you also think so, then you are wrong and somehow right.

You are right if you have the extra talent within you and you can prove yourself better form activities other.

But, the saying is wrong, when you go for a job interview, and the interviewer rejects you, because of your low marks in the exams.

Because, your mark-sheet reflects, how much a hardworking person is and how much you care for yourself.

Compare yourself with you.

Compare yourself with your last version.

You always match yourself with others. However, have you ever compared yourself with you?

No! I don’t think you have because you never got time to do so while comparing yourself with others.

I am not suggesting you compare yourself with you without any reason.

Today, do one thing, read one lesson with enthusiasm, thinking that you are going to know something new today. Show your curiosity that you want to understand the words of the book.

Now, next day compare yourself, thinking how much you know yesterday. This kind of comparison help to boost your focus. Nowadays, I use this formula to be focused.

If you compare yourself with others, definitely you will detect fault within you that can discourage your mentality.

But if you do it yourself, then you will get better you after some time. Reading is a habit; it is like a meditation.

Meditation gives peace, but the habit of study can bestow you with many more auspicious things.


We try a different method to change our habit. However, we only able to alter than when we know the real meaning of life.

We are students who want to learn more ad more things during school life.

We make our routine, search the motivation from different sources. Still, we fail to bring change within us.

We want to do something but we can’t because we can’t detect the value immediately.

Neither routine nor motivational stuff can alter our life. On we become a success in our endeavour when we realize and when we show the curiosity.

Realization and curiosity are two sources of motivation.

If the person can master in these two factors, then he can focus on anything with determination.

No god or any force can stop us walking on the path that we choose after self-realization and curiosity.

Don’t you see a person can sit in the graveyard without any fear for the whole night to watch the ghost because of his curiosity?

And why are you searching ‘How to increase concentration on the study‘, on the internet? The real motivation lies inside you.

Good luck!

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