How to cook food in genshin Impact? A guide with pictures.

How to cook food in genshin Impact? A guide with pictures.

The processed food heal a character, revive the character, buff your character, and buff the entire party. So, you need to know how to cook food in Genshin Impact to get more HP.

How to cook food in Genshin Impact

You need some resources to prepare the food in genshin impact. Let’s know the process step by step.

|Step 1:) Firstly, you have to collect raw food items like mushroom, fowl, tomato, onion, wheat, flour, milk, cabbage, apple, whatever.

Step 2:) Search for the campfire or stove to prepare your food item.

|Step 3:) Go near the campfire and tap on the cook option.

Step 4:) Now start cooking your food manually or automatically if you have the required ingredients.

The quality of processed food depends upon your skill if you cook manually.

Cook perfect food in Genshin Impact

(I) If you tap the ‘stop button’ on the yellow area, you will get perfect food quality in genshin impact.

(II) If you tap the ‘stop button’ on the white area, it’s a success.

(III) And if you stop the button out of the yellow and white zone, it’s complete quality.

However, you cook the food, try to make it perfect because it’s healthier than the success and complete.

And the auto cook option makes perfect food only if you have a special character like Kaeya in Genshin Impact.

Where to find stove, fire, or campfire in Genshin impact to cook the food?

The campfire or stove is available in Sara’s restaurant, enemy camping places, and at any random areas.

However, if you get an extinguished campfire, you can burn it by yourself to process the food.

(I) Switch AMBER character.
(II) Use her ability near the campfire to produce fire on it.
(III) OR, you can shoot an arrow in the campfire to light it.

Some food recipe\ingrediant in Genshin impact and their abilities:

The all the raw materials or dishes are available in the wild, water, Stores in the genshin Impact.

FoodReceipe\IngrediantFood Ability
Radish Veggie Soup1 Radish
1 Mint
Restore 8-10% Max HP to character +
Regenerate 210-300 HP
Chicken-Mushroom Skewer1 Mushroom
1 Fowl
Restore 8-10% max HP +
800-1200 HP to the character.
Teyvat friend egg1 Bird eggRevives character + Restore 50-150 HP
Steak2 Raw meatRevives character + Restore 50-150 HP
Mondstadt Grilled fish1 Fish
1 Pepper
Revives character + Restore 50-150 HP
Sweet madame2 Fowl
2 Sweet flower
Restore 20-24% max HP + 900-1500 HP to character
Fried Radish Balls3 Flour
2 Radish
1 Pepper
Increase all party’s ATK by 66-95 for 300s.
Satisfying salad2 cabbage
2 apple
1 bird egg
1 potato
Increase all-party members’ CRIT rate by 6-12% for 300s.
Fisherman’s toast3 flour
2 tomato
1 onion
1 Milk
Increase all-party members’ DEF by 88-126 for 300s.

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