How can you make more Mora in Genshin Impact?

How can you make more Mora in Genshin Impact?

Either to purchase the things in Genshin Impact or to upgrade the characters and artifacts, you need Mora.

The Mora is a currency in the game by which you can purchase and upgrade all necessary goods to make yourself a powerful player.

So, let’s know some best ways to make more Mora in this game.

How to make Mora in Genshin Impact?

1. Increase your adventure rank

You can level up adventure rank by completing missions and tasks. From level 1 to 10, you can get about 10,000 more. And after that, the Mora reward rate will increase in each new rank.

So, try to upgrade your rank and claim Mora from the adventure rank shop. And you can travel to the shop through the teleport.

2. Kill more enemies

Yield Mora by killing enemy in Genshin Imapct

You have to face many enemies and their boss during the gameplay. And with each kill, you will get Mora as a reward. So, kill the enemies you face while moving ahead and collect Mora.

3. Complete chapter’s investigation

From the chapter’s investigation missions, you can make more than 20,000 Mora effortlessly in Genshin Impact.

In this section, you will get some objectives, and you have to complete them:
(I) Visit the statue of seven at the windrise.
(II) Activate 3 teleport waypoints.
(III) Open 15 chests.
(IV) Upgrade the statue of the seven in Mondstadt to level 2.

After claiming the rewards of the first chapter, you will get another new chapter with new missions.

4. Event overview

The event overview is also the best source to get Mora without much hard work in Genshin Impact. Just check it out.

(I) Go to the event overview section.
(II) Go to test run.
(III) Now, tap on try to get rewards.

Your objective is to test characters’ ability on the battleground.

5. Trade with Marjorie

You can also purchase sufficient Mora from Marjorie by giving her materials like wind Blume festival commemorative balloon, Windsong lyre, Wind-blessed harpastum.

The price of each item is 150,000, which means you can yield a lot of Mora in a single day in Genshin Impact.

Steps to trade with Marjorie
(I) Tap on ‘take option’ nearby Marjorie.
(II) Tap on ‘I’d like to get some special souvenirs please.’
(III) Now purchase Mora if you have the required materials.

6. Complete quest and missions

You can get many rewards like Adventure exp, teachings of freedom, and many more, including Mora completing the quest and mission. Also, completing those missions increases your adventure rank.

7. Open chest

Get Mora inside chest in genshin impact.

In this game, you will find a chest full of rewards with enough Mora inside it. However, it is not easy to discover chest because it lies in hidden places.

So, go ahead only after exploring everything.

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