How to purchase food in Genshin Impact to heal the damage?

How to purchase food in Genshin Impact to heal the damage?

It is necessary to purchase some food items in Genshin impact, so let’s know how to get it and why?

The genshin impact is the most trending online action-adventure game with the best storyline.

You can play this game on your PC and mobile. However, your device should be high-end.

There are many things to explore like powers, locations, recipes, secrets, maps, and many more in genshin Impact. But here we will discuss only the food and its use.

Simply the consumption of food increases the health of the character in Genshin impact.

You can heal your health whenever you fall while flying or your enemy hurts you.

In the genshin impact, you will get varieties of non-veg and veg food with different capacities.

Some boost your hp quicker, and some are slow healers. So, let’s continue.

How to purchase food in Genshin impact?

You can buy enough food items from the ‘good hunter’ by exchanging Mora.

Buy food in Genshin Impact

The good hunter is a restaurant\shop in the city of Mondstadt where you can purchase needed food to eat during an emergency in genshin impact.

Here you can get varieties of food at a different rate. Some require more Mora to purchase, and some are cheap.

The Mora is a currency in Genshin Impact that you can use for purchasing necessary goods in-game. And you can get Mora from different sources.

So, to buy food from a good hunter in Genshin Impact, here are steps:

(I) Go to good hunter using teleport.
(II) Tap on ‘can I get food to go.’
(III) Purchase food items using your Mora.

Now, here are some food items and their price available in good hunter.

Crab Roe1125
Smoked Food900
Fisherman’s toast1025
Chicken Mushroom Skewer450
Teyvat fried egg200

Some recipes an available in the Good hunter, and their cost

Cream stew2500
Mint jelly1250
Tea break pancake2500
Crispy potato shrimp platter5000
Pile ’em up’5000
Sauteed matsutake5000
Calla Lily seafood soup5000
Flaming Red Bolognese2500

(Note) You have to speak to Sara to get food from the Good hunter in Genshin impact. The food and ingredients in the restaurant refresh daily and weekly.

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