How to run Genshin impact smoothly without lag in a low-end device?

How to run Genshin impact smoothly without lag in a low-end device?

Do you want to run the genshin impact game smoothly on your low-end device without any lag issues? Let’s continue.

The craze of genshin impact is increasing every day. It is an action-adventure game full of unique actions, superpowers, actions, secrets, and many more.

However, it requires higher system requirements phone with more than 4GB RAM to run the game smoothly.

The Genishine impact has a lagging issue on the mobile with 2GB, 3GB, 4GB RAM. Why?

Because firstly, its size on the store is 200MB, but you have to download additional 8GB of resources after installation.

Secondly, the game has a high graphic environment so, the low-end phone doesn’t support its gameplay.

How to run genshin impact on low-end devices smoothly?

Use these techniques to play a genshin impact game without lag in the mobile below 4GB RAM.

Free up storage.

If your SD and phone storage are full, you will get a lagging problem. So, delete unwanted things from your phone and always keep 5-8 GB of space on your memory.

(I) Remove unknown apps
(II) Delete Downloaded youtube videos
(III) Clean CPU of your phone
(IV) Avoid other unwanted online apps

Customize graphic setting

Genshin Impact gameplay screenshot.

You can’t play high graphic games smoothly on a low-end phone. So, customize the game graphic setting that suits your device.

The graphic setting of Genshin impacts For 2GB-4GB RAM is:

Graphic quality- Low
Render resolution- Low
Shadow Quality- Low
Visual effects- Low
SFX quality- Lowest
Environment Detail- Lowest

FPS- 30
Motion Blur- OFF
Bloom- ON
Anti-Aliasing- TAA
Crowd Density- High
Co-op Teammate Effects- ON

On the 6GB RAM phone, you will get a low lag issue while playing the Genshin impact game. So, customize the graphic setting accordingly.

Don’t run the app in the background.

Before you launch the game, close all online and offline applications like Youtube, Facebook, applications, games, anything. By doing so, you can reduce issues in Genishne Impact.

Always use the game booster.

Nowadays, every mobile has a pre-installed game booster. So if you want to fix the lag problem to get smooth gameplay of Genshine Impact, run the game from the device game booster.

However, if the system game booster is weak, then you can download it from the store.

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