How to defeat Frostarm Lawachurl in Genshin Impact like a hero?

How to defeat Frostarm Lawachurl in Genshin Impact like a hero?

On the ‘investigate the strange ice quest’ in Genshin Impact, you must defeat Frostarm Lawachurl to move further missions.

In the GI, you have to fight with different wizards and mobs, but the Frostarm(ice sealed Lawachurl) is the first stage powerful enemy.

The Heal point of ice-sealed Lawachurl is high, and his one move is enough to damage your HP.

The biggest problem while fighting with the Lawachurl boss is you can’t survive in the strange ice without a heating source like a bonfire.

The Sheer cold starts to increase, and HP decreases if you don’t get warm.

Therefore, It’s challenging to kill the Frostarm Lawachurl(Ice sealed Lawachurl) in Genshin Impact because of his intense moves and freezing abilities.

Moreover, these challenges make the ‘investigate the strange ice’ is the hardest quest for beginner players.

How to defeat Frostarm Lawachurl boss in Genshin Impact

Tip 1

The Frostarm is a boss with freezing ability. Therefore, to beat the Frostarm Lawachurl in Genshin Impact, you have to select Amber character- she can shoot arrows from long-range with burning fire on it.

You know to melt the ice, you need fire, so Amber is the best choice. Before going to kill the ice boss, upgrade your weapon level of Amber.

(I) Select Pyro/Amber character
(II) Go to the weapon
(III) Tap to enhance option to level up weapon ability.

Tip 2

Head to the Frostarm Lawachurl to defeat him in Genshin impact

The body shot doesn’t give much damage, so do not waste your time by hitting on the body of the Frostarm.

Instead, the target on the head of the ice sealed Lawachurl(Frostarm) to kill him quickly.

Here is what to do to shoot on the head:
(I) Switch Pyro/Amber character.
(II) Hold the button longer to shoot a fiery arrow.
(III) But target the head of the Lawachurl.

Tip 3

The Frostarm will not give you another chance to stand to inform of him. So, be alert and change your position quickly after you think he is ready for action.

Furthermore, don’t forget to take some heat. If the blue bar starts to increase, go near the bonfire and recover your HP.

After healing, fight with the Frostarm Lawachurl and defeat him in Genshin Impact like a hero.

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