How can you increase adventure rank in Genshin impact quicker?

How can you increase adventure rank in Genshin impact quicker?

If you increase adventure rank, you can unlock new quests, domains in genshin impact, also the higher rank level up the world level.

Moreover, the new recipe and item become available in the adventure rank shop.

You can level up your adventure rank up to 60 levels, and each gives you more rewards, fun, and content. So, let’s discuss what to do to raise genshin Impact AR fast.

How to increase adventure rank in Genshin Impact quicker

The most important requirement to level up adventure rank is adventure exp points.

Therefore, all you need to do is try to earn more adventure points from these sources to raise rank in genshin impact quickly:

1. Kill enemies

Increase adventure rank in Genshin impact killing more enemies

The first way to level up Genshin adventure rank is by killing mobs and wizards in the game.

You will get 30 exp points as a reward for killing each enemy. So, don’t leave a single one while you move on your journey.

You know there is no shortage of enemies in this game- they are everywhere. Also, it’s not difficult to kill them all if you have skills and powers.

2. Find and open chest

The treasure chest is a hidden box in genshin Impact. So, how many do you find till now? If you have opened anyone, then you know how precious the chest is.

The chest contains many rewards, including adventure exp points. You will get 200 exp points in each, which means 1000 points in 5 boxes.

So, the more you locate the chest, the quicker you can increase adventure rank in Genshin impact.

3. Complete the world quest

World quest in Genshin impact

Do you know? A world quest is a perfect option to raise Genshin’s impact adventure rank.
(I)Go to the event section,
(II) Select mission and tap to navigate to mark.
(III) Complete the missions and get exp points.

The world quest missions are not hard to complete. So, play the quests, increase Adventure rank and unlock more quests.

4. Complete commissions

Comission in genshin impact

The commission’s section contains daily 4 tasks that you have to complete to claim adventure points and other rewards.

For example:
(I) A small step for Hilichurls
(II) Spreading evils
(III) Sorry, Timmie
(IV) Leave on the wind.

So, each task rewards you with 200 adventure exp points, and if you complete all of them in a day, you will get 500 plus points as a bonus.

5. Activate teleport

Teleport activate in Genshin Imapct

Teleport is a transportation system in Genshin Impact. You can travel anywhere on the map in a second.

So, if you still don’t have activated the teleports, then do it to make your journey easier and get some Adventure points in Genshin impact.

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