What are the most rear titles in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

What are the most rear titles in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

Do you know about the most rear titles in BGMI? Let’s discuss it.

The title achievement in the battleground mobile India shows the skill and dedication of the player. It makes the player superior and smart to others.

However, there are some titles in battleground mobile India that more rear and only a few players have unlocked. So, let’s know about them.

Top 5 rear titles in BGMI

1. Unique destiny

Unique destiny title in BGMI

The unique destiny title is the rarest in BGMI. The goal to get the destiny title is: complete a total of 6000 achievements points in your ID.

The 6000 points don’t come easily- you require long patient and dedication. So, only a few players have succeeded in getting the required points till now.

2. Mythic fashion

This title is easy to unlock in BGMI, but still, it is a rear achievement. Why? Because the mythic fashion title is all about the collection of mythic dresses (150).

If you don’t have UC to spend, you have to wait many months for it. However, if you are a UC spending player, still, it takes more than 4 months to get a fashion title.

Not all BGMI players are rich enough to spend UC to unlock outfits, so the mythic fashion is the rearest title in this game.

3. Maxed out

Maxed out title in BGMI: A rear title

Unlock the maxed-out title if you can. But, I would say it’s the hardest title in BGMI(Battleground mobile India).

To get maxed out, you have to take your game level to 100, and it’s not an easy deal. You know how much struggle you have to do to increase the BGMI level.

4. On a mission

The task of getting a mission title in BGMI is too challenging and time-consuming.

Here is the mission you have to complete in classic ranked mode for this title:
(I) Finish 2K with assault.
(II) Finish 2K with SMG.
(III) Finish 200 with Melee
(IV) Finish 1000 with sniper
(V) Finish 200 with a pistol.

In total, you have to finish more than 5K enemies to get this precious title in Battleground mobile India.

5. Glass cannon

Glass cannon title in BGMI

You can say the glass cannon(Commando) is another hard title in BGMI. To unlock the cannon title, you need 50 chicken dinners without wearing a helmet and vest.

But, without using armor like a vest and helmet, it’s hard to win the matches.

Therefore, few players have glass cannon, so it’s the most rear title in BGMI(Battleground Mobile India).

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