How to get Avalanche X-suit in Pubg mobile-BGMI?

How to get Avalanche X-suit in Pubg mobile-BGMI?

Finally, Pubg Mobile and BGMI have brought another mythical outfit, the Avalanche x-suit. Players can unlock the suit, including other rare rewards such as Arctic ruler set, Frost order set, Infernal ruler set, and Draconic Paladin set as a main reward from the spin.

Besides all these rewards, the spin contains other items such as;
(I) Arctic hoverboard and Avalanche avatar frame.
(ii) Iced drink and icy victory emote

(iii) Crystal casket backpack and Avalanche parachute
(iv) Frost Groze-crowbar and crystal reindeer ornament
(v) Avalanche coin, star forge stone, and star fragments

About Avalanche X suit

Avalanche X suit in Pubg mobile\Bgmi

The Avalanche X suit is the best upgradable outfit in Pubg mobile and BGMI that came in the winter season during the 2021 Christmas festival.

Players can upgrade this X suit up to level 6(star 6), and in every upgrade, this outfit gets new features and appearance.

Glacier X suit in Pubg mobile

|Star 1:- Basic appearance
Star 2:- Teammate interaction feature
|Star 3:- Advance form
Star 4:- Victory broadcast feature
|Star 5: Shock and Awe
Ster 6: New look

So, the payers have to use star forge stone and star fragments to upgrade the Avalanche X suit up to a 6-star level.

How to get Avalanche X-suit in Pubg mobile and BGMI

The Player has to try Avalanche spin using silver fragments and UC to unlock this X-suit. Yes, silvers.

You will get 5 chances to try the spin with silvers for getting the rewards. But after that, you need to spend UC.

So, here are the steps to enter the spin;
(Step 1):- Go to Avalanche X-suit spin.
|Step 2):- Choose your carate from the ‘crates selection setting.’
(Step 3):- Spend 300 Silvers or 60 UC for one spin, and for 10 times spins, you need 600 UC.
(Step 4):- Collect your reward. If you have good luck, you can unlock the Avalanche X suit(Glacier X-suit) within less than 20 spins in Pubg mobile and BGMI.

Here the table shows the chances of getting the rewards from the spin.

RewardsChances %RewardChances %
Avalanche X-suit 0.92icy victory emote15.38
Arctic ruler set0.83Iced drink9.23
Frost order set0.83Avalanche parachute6.15
Infernal ruler set0.83Crystal casket backpack2.15
Draconic Paladin0.83Frost Groze-crowbar3.08
Arctic hoverboard 2.15Avalanche avatar frame16.53

You can see the probability of X-suit and other sets is much less than other spin items. But, you will get star fragments and Avalanche coins in most spins.

You can use the coins to redeem the event rewards. It means if you don’t get the X-suit even after many spins, you can get all the Avalanche rewards from the ‘reward redemption section’ using the coins.

Get Avalanche X suit using the Avalanche coins from the redemption section

Finally, I want to say, these kinds of X-suits don’t come every day in Pubg mobile and BGMI, so don’t miss this Glacier Outfit.