Which are the rarest gloo wall skins in the free fire?

Which are the rarest gloo wall skins in the free fire?

The gloo wall is a tactical item that works like a shield and protects you from the enemy attack in the Free Fire match. Free fire has brought many skins of gloo wall in the game, but among them, some have become the rarest to get.

Besides adding some beauty, the skin doesn’t make much difference- neither does the gloo wall become more Powerful with skin, nor does it gets other ability.

But also players want to keep unique and attractive gloo walls only to show their companions and enemies.

If you have a collection of rare gloo wall skins in your inventory, then other players will salute you.

Top 5 rarest gloo wall skins in the free fire

Top 1: Gloo wall-Day of the dead.

Gloo wall skin -Day of the dead.

The Day of the dead skin came in the Penta flip event for the first time, but only a few players spent diamonds to get this skin and other rewards in that time.

However, if you see now, this gloo wall skin has become rare in FF, and only a few players use it in the match.

Top 2: Gloo wall-Plan Bermuda

Free Fire-Plan Bermuda skin

If you are an old player of Free fire, you would know about the plan Bermuda skin that came in the money heist event.

The look of this skin is must attractive, so some players unlocked it that time. You can see that this skin has a money heist mask sticker.

But, if you are a new Free Fire player, you will see the plan Bermuda gloo wall skin has become a rare item.

Top 3: Gloo wall-Cobra strike

Rare Gloo wall skin in free fire-Cobra strike

The game had brought the cobra strike gloo wall skin with the cobra bundle. It has a unique appearance than the other gloo walls.

Players unlocked this skin from the fortune wheel spin using 1000 diamonds, but now it has become the rarest among all gloo wall skins in Free fire.

Top 4: Gloo wall-taunting dino

Gloo wall skin in FF-taunting dino

You might know about this popular green gloo wall skin because many old youtube use it while streaming the FF gameplay.

The taunting dino gloo wall and dino bundle came in the ‘draw a dino spine.’ At that time, the price of dino spin was 20 diamonds for one draw and 90 for 5.

Top 5: Gloo wall-ancient order

Ancient order in Free Fire

The ancient order is one of the rarest gloo wall skin in the FF. It came in season 24 as an elite pass reward.

It was the most demanding item at the time of release, and the best thing about ancient order skin is it has a white surface and ninja in the center that looks much attractive.