Best claw settings in Free fire with Photo for 2022

Best claw settings in Free fire

You might have customized custom hud setting many times in Free fire, but most of the time, you might have been disappointed because of the wrong customization. So, in this article, I will describe the best claw settings for 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and 4 fingers in Free fire. 

There are different types of players- Rusher, camper, Rank pusher, Whatever. But to become a dominator, it is necessary to have better-controlling skills. Some players have a habit of playing Free fire with two fingers and some prefer to play with three fingers, but only a few players use four fingers.

However, despite playing the game for a long time with one habit, most players remain Noob and can’t handle the competitive situation properly. Why? Because they don’t know what is the best Custom hud setting in Free fire.

For example, the custom Hud setting should match with finger position, but players don’t care about it, and they don’t keep the control button at the best point on the screen. 

The best finger claw settings in Free fire with photos

Best 2 Finger claw setting in Free fire

Best 2 Finger claw setting in Free fire

(i) Left thumb:- control the joystick, run, left fire button, Medkit, throwable, and backpack
(ii) Right thumb:- control gun exchange, loot, scope, jump, crouch, prone, reload, revive, use, and right fire button.

Tip:- While playing Free Fire with a two-finger claw, Use your left fire button for scope and right fire button for close-range battle.

Best 3 finger claw setting in Free fire

Best 3 finger claw setting in Free fire

The three-finger control is the most comfortable controlling setting in Free fire. The player should use both the thumb and right index finger for controlling the gameplay.

(i) Left thumb:- Control joystick, run, Medkit, throwable, and backpack button
(ii) Right thumb:- Control scope, right fire button, prone, crouch, jump, reload, loot, revive, and gun exchange button
(iii) Control the left fire button with your right index finger to avoid disturbance because of the map.

Tip: Make the ‘gun exchange button’ 50% transparent if you feel uneasy looking front view.

Best 4 finger claw settings in Free fire

Best 4 finger claw settings in Free fire

In the initial days, you may feel difficult to use your four fingers, but once you learn, you will start to play Free fire like an emulator player. 

(i) Left thumb:- Control the joystick, backpack, grenade, Medkit, Quick run.
(ii) Right thumb:- Control Revive, right fire button, crouch and prone, reload
(iii) Left Index:- Only control Left fire button
(iv) Right Index:- Control jump and scope button only.

Is four-finger claw setting is better than two and a three-finger in Free fire?

Some players argue that to control Free fire gameplay, 4 finger claw is better than 2 fingers and 3 fingers settings- Is it right? But, it all depends upon the habit.

You might have seen some youtube and pro players playing FF with two or three-fingers, but also they are in the Grandmaster tier. Also, you might have seen a NOOB player who uses four-finger claw. And the secret of this success and failure is the button positioning idea. 

So, it proves, whatever habit you have, but you should customize the best Custom Hud setting in FF like a pro. Then after, how many fingers you use, you will get the best result.

However, in my viewpoint, if you want to become quick in Free fire gameplay, then you should play with your 4 finger claw.

How can I improve my 4 finger control in Free fire?

It can take up to 7 to 21 days to become a perfect 4 finger claw player of Free fire. However, to improve your controlling, you should do some struggles, and they are:
(i) Play more in the Training ground
(ii) Play more unranked matches.
(iii) Don’t change the setting after customization.