How to ID error in Free free? Fix ID failed try logging out first.

How to ID error in Free free? Fix ID failed try logging out first.

Do you also get the ‘ID failed, please try logging out first’ message while opening Free fire? It is a problem related to ID, and if you get such an error in Free fire, you have to fix it.

The FF is a game preferred by millions of global players. It is an open-world battle royale game, and 50 players can fight each other in a single battleground to get a booyah.

However, many Free fire fans get an ID failed problem, and if you are among them, let’s solve it.

Why do such glitches arise?

When such an ID-related error occurs, the excitement disappears immediately.

So, according to the experience, this kind of glitch comes when a player plays two Free fire IDs on one phone by connecting Facebook and Gmail.

Another reason for the ID opening error in FF is the use of more than two Gmails.

When you use 2 or more Gmail account on a single device, the problem creates.

So, let’s go to the solution of ID failed please logging out the first problem in Free fire.

How to fix ID login error in Free fire

Method 1
How to fix ID login error in Free fire

|Step 1: Open the game from the guest.
Step 2:| Play 1-2 classic matches.

|Step 3:Now, log out guest ID.
Step 4:| Open the game from your ID.

The first method can solve your issue with a 70% chance.

Method 2

It is a simple way but can fix such glitch in Free fire.

Step 1:| Open the game.
|Step 2:| Turn on and Off flight mode.
Step 3:| Restart your game again.

Method 3

However, still unable to solve the ID log-in error in Free fire, then use Turbo VPN.

The turbo VPN is the best application, and you can uninstall it after you fix your problem.

Step 1:| Open the play store and install Turbo VPN. (It’s free)
Step 2:| Use USA server
Step 3:| Now, log in to your ID

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