Dangerous locations in Free fire: Enemy place inside Bermuda map

Dangerous locations in Free fire: Enemy place inside Bermuda map

There are some dangerous locations in Free fire where most of the player lands to complete the matches.

The first objective of every player is to survive longer in the matches. And it is only possible if the player avoids most enemy locations.

However, if you have pro skills and technique, landing in the danger points in the Free fire can give you many advantages. Like:

(I) Get more kills effortlessly
If you have pro skills, then landing on the enemy point can help you get more kills in less time.

(II) Skill improvements
No risk, no gain. If you try to play in the dangerous area in the FF, your fighting and surviving skills will increase gradually.

(III) More Fun
Don’t you think it’s boring to stay and hide in a single area for a long time? But if you go to the competitive zone to challenge your enemies, you will get more fun during the match.

So, those are some advantages of landing in a dangerous zone in Free fire.

But you know everything has both pros and cons. So, these are disadvantages playing on the most enemy landing location.
(I) If you don’t play properly, your rank may drop.
(II) Less chance of getting booyah in every match.

5 Dangerous landing locations in the Free fire Bermuda map

Clock tower

Dangerous locations in Free fire where most enemy drop in the Bermuda map

It locates near the center of the Bermuda map. In this place, you will get the best loot without spending much time. However, the problem is that it is the most enemy landing place in the Free fire. In this area, you will encounter at least 2-3 squads in every match.


most enemy place in Free fire Bermuda map

The Peak is the hill of Bermuda map that situates just the center of the area. In this place, you will get some houses but many enemies.

The airplane path lies just above the Peak, so most of the players land in this area. The Peak is the dangerous place in the Free fire, where you will get at least 1-2 squads in each match.


Factory is the place where you will find most enemy in Free fire

Do you know? About 20% of the player lands on the Factory for gun and punch fights. The 20% means 20/100*50=10 players. So, don’t you think it’s the dangerous hot drop location in the Free fire?


It is a warehouse where you will get enough loot for the matches. And it’s the reason most enemies drop in the Mill area.

In this place, the Gloo wall battle happens with a high chance. So stay alert while going to the mill to complete the match.

Cape tower

Cape tower is the most enemy landing zone. It's hot drop of FF

It is also the hot drop place inside the Bermuda map of Free fire.

In cape tower, you will get more SMG and shotguns than AR and snippets. The Cape tower has a large area, and it has full of resources.

Therefore, most players want to play on the Capt tower to get more loot and kills. And it’s the reason this area is danger spot to land in FF.

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