How to increase the level of free fire game? Tips to boost in x2 speed.

Photo of high level id in free fire game.

Today you will know the best ways to increase the level of Free fire in x2 speed quickly.

Garena free fire is the highest downloaded mobile game in 2019. Currently, millions of global players are enjoying this game. And the game is famous for its entertaining features and ideas.

The player can interact with unknown and known global players. And they can get varieties of weapons and items to have real-life experience.

Besides all the goals, the player wants to boost the game level to show themself a Free fire pro player. A higher level can increase the goodwill of your profile. Also, you can unlock varieties of rewards.

Tips to increase the level of free fire with x2 speed.

As you know, the level of free fire improves only by experience points. Meaning the more EXP you collect your level will go up.
Here are the best ways to get more EXP to level up fast in Free fire.

Collect exp cards

Exp card is used to get more experience points from the match, which improves the level of Free fire.

So, you should play more matches while the card is active for more points. These are the source to get an exp card in the Free fire game:

  • From store
  • By rank push
  • From elite pass
  • From spin

Among all the sources, the rank push method is the best way to get more exp cards. Try to reach the grandmaster and heroic tier.



On solo mode, you can collect more exp points than in the squad and duo. So, I recommend you play solo matches to upgrade the level of the Free fire games quickly.

Character matters

Character matters
Character matters

As we know in the free-fire game, the different character has unique abilities.

For example, some have the ability to increase hp faster, some have higher hit points. Whereas, other increases the movement.

Therefore, I recommend you select the Alok character. Because it has the best quality to restore HP, which will help you increase the free fire level easily.

Increase survive time

Increase survive time
Increase survive time

If you survive the last circle, then you will get more EXP points. So, play on the zone to zone and focus on getting booyah.

But, if you play with a duo or squad and you are killed, in this case, even though your team gets the booyah, you will not get as many exp points as your team gets.


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