Which are the rare gold royale bundles in Free fire?

Which are the rare gold royale bundles in Free fire?

Either in real life or the game, being a rare or having a rare thing is the best way to become unique from others. In this article, I will list out the 5 best and rare gold royale bundles in Free fire, and if you have anyone among them, you are already a hero for someone.

The gold royale is a spin system that requires a gold or gold royale voucher for a spin to unlock the Precious rewards. Also, the gold royale is known as the best way to get some rarest legendary bundle in Free fire for free.

Top 5 rare gold royale bundles in Free Fire

1. Imperial corps bundle

Imperial corps bundle in Free fire: rarest gold royale bundle

It is one of the most attractive gold royale bundles.
If you wear this bundle, you will get the feeling of being a caption or chancellor of everyone in the lobby.

The imperial corps bundle came in January 2020 as a gold royale reward. You are lucky If you have this bundle because it has become the rarest gold royale in FF right now.

2. Dunk Master bundle

Dunk Master bundle in Free fire

The dunk master bundle is in the 2nd number as a Free fire rarest gold royale bundle. It came in the game in January 2020 in the gold royale spin, and some sports lover player unlocked it. This bundle gives you the feeling of being an energetic basketball player.

3. Quarterback bundle

Quarterback bundle in Free fire: gold royale bundles

If you are an old player, you might have a Quarterback bundle. It is a sports costume that came in December 2018 as a gold royale bundle.

The quarterback costume is the rarest gold bundle that only a few players have. So, by wearing this costume, you will feel like an energetic Gridiron footballer in the match and lobby.

4. Toxic python bundle

Toxic python bundle in Free fire

The toxic python is one of rare Legendary gold royale bundles in Free fire released in December 2020. It is always a favorite for all new and old generation players because of its stylish appearance. But, you will see this costume with only a few players.

5. Breakdancer bundle

Breakdancer bundle in Free fire: a rare gold royale bundle

The breakdancer bundle is one of the Cool music bundles introduced in August 2018 as a gold royale reward. So, the old player might have this gold bundle, but it is a rare item for the new FF players.

The name itself says a lot of things about this costume. If you use this bundle in the lobby, everyone will look at you for sure.