The strongest gun without skin in the free fire game. Best 6

Free fire best weapon for short range fight.

Let’s discuss which are the strongest gun in the free fire game without skin.

In the free fire game, there are varieties of weapon choice for the players. And each gun has unique ability and power for both close range and long-range.

And most of the player wants to upgrade their weapons by using diamonds.


Because upgrading the gun, it gets new skin and power. Yes, in the free fire game, the damage of the weapon increases after upgrading it.

It’s expensive!

However, there are some weapons in the free-fire which can give high damage without skin too.
And those guns are best for short-range flights.

6 best strongest Free fire gun without skin

  • Vector

It is the unique gun of free fire which can be loaded in both hands. But it has a high rate of fire speed. So, don’t miss spray because it takes time to reload.
And from the new update, the game has reduced the damage but still effective without skin.

AttachmentMuzzle & Magazine
  • Thompson

The ammo capacity of Thompson is higher than other SMGs. So, it is mostly used for 1 vs 4 situations. The Thompson gun is a powerful weapon of free fire without skin.

AttachmentMuzzle and Foregrip
  • M1040

You know, the damage of M1040 is too high for the short-range battle. Don’t be afraid of your opponent with the gun skin, the M1040 will help you win without skin too.

AttachmentNot needed
  • MP40

MP40 is loved by almost every free fire player because no need to upgrade the weapon for the skin. And it’s the rate of fire is high.

  • MP5

Most of the player pick up MP5 for the tournament. Because the damage is massive for short-range battle. And it’s the best weapon to give headshot. It’s already a favourite of all no need to upgrade its skin.

AttachmentSilencer, Muzzle,
Foregrip, Magazine,
  • M1887

Why it’s on the list?
M1887 has a special ability. Yes, its reloads speed is low but do you know?
The damage of one shot of M1887 is 17*10.

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