Use armband abilities on season 18: Update Pubg mobile 1.3

armband abilities PUBG mobile third(3rd) anniversary

Pubg mobile has introduced armband abilities on its 3rd anniversary in season 18. The game has brought many new features and rewards for players on the latest patch update 1.3.

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The surprise of last season was Runic power which players got extraordinary mythical power to defeat enemies.
Similarly, on the PUBGM season 18, another skill is added called armband ability.

The latest skill will give the player the ability to long last on the battleground like a hero. The armband power is available on the Erangle map.

Before starting the match, you should select one Armand ability among three;

  • Guardian armband
  • Recon armband
  • Camouflage armband

These all mythical power of Pubg mobile season 18 are upgradable up to level 3. And to upgrade the skills, collect more scattered cassettes from the electronic music square.
The higher level of armband abilities will boost your power to rock the battleground.

The detail on the PUBG mobile Armband abilities on season 18

Guardian Armband

Music barrier: On the first level of the guardian armband, you will get protection from the bullets. When you use this ability, it creates a semi-transparent column-shaped barrier that reduces the damage taken from bullets.

Music conversation: On the next level, you can recover the energy of your squad within the range by disabling the barrier

Pop metal: The third level of guardian armband ability helps you to fight like a pro. The skill will reduce the gun reload time as well as your squad.

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Recon Armband

Sonic scan: The first level of recon armband gives you the ability to scan your surrounding. You can throw a scanning device on the area to detect the location of your enemies.

Encore: The second level will increase by more than 30 % health by knocking out marked enemies. Use sonic scan, then get the benefit of Encore power.

Sound burst: It’s the deadest level of recon armband power. Your shot will give an electricity effect on the enemies body. And the enemies health will reduce over time.

Camouflage Armband:

Stealth: By selecting the camouflage armband ability, you will get ghillie suitability for 40 seconds. It will help you to hide from your enemies.

Surveillance: You will automatically get a UI signal on the screen if there is an enemy in the surrounding.

Breathing easy: The third level of camouflage armband will recover your health gradually if you have not got damage.

Enjoy the Pubg mobile third anniversary
Enjoy season 18
Rock the battleground with mystical armband ability

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