Season 18 rewards on Pubg mobile: What to expect?

Season 18 rewards on Pubg mobile

What kind of surprises and rewards are you expecting from the Pubg mobile season 18?

You know the Pubg mobile will celebrate its third anniversary on season 18. Wow, double surprises!

So, we can expect a much more reward and items in the up next Pubgm season.

What new rewards, items and features will arrive in the Pubg mobile season 18?

New Tire rewards on PubgM season 18

  1. Gold tire outfit
  1. Platinum tire mask
  1. Diamond tire DP-28
  1. Ace tire parachute
  1. Conqueror frame

New Royale pass(RP) rewards on Pubg mobile 3rd anniversary

  1. AUG A3 gun skin in the RP level 18.
  1. SLR gun on the RP level 1
  1. VSS on the RP level 60(Free look)
  1. Smoke grenade on RP level 10.
  1. Buggy skin on the RP level 20.
  1. Avatar frame on RP level 45.
  1. Mella weapons on the RP level 40.
  1. String ensemble set on RP level 100.
String ensemble set on RP level 100 season 18
String ensemble set on RP level 100 season 18


The new weapon is coming.

Mosin-Nagant (Sniper rifle) will be a new weapon on the PUBGM season 18.

The Mosin-Nagant will be available on the erangle and Vikindi map. It is the 7.62mm bolt action sniper, a bit powerful than KAR98K.

The new vehicle is coming.

Motor Glider (Next triple seater) will be the new vehicle of Pubg mobile on 3rd anniversary.

You can fly this vehicle in the air. And the control of the motor Glider will be like the payload of a helicopter.

New TDM map

In the PUBG season 18, the new TDM is arriving. In the new TDM, you can take more cover than before. The area will be small, but the best place for fun.

New map

A new map will be introduced on the third anniversary of PUBGM. Karakin will be a new map on PUBG mobile from season 18.

And the map will be based on Miramar but small in an area like a LIVIK.

You will get chicken dinner quickly on this new map. Also, you can collect more loot there.


It’s a matter of thinking whether the bonus challenge will come in the Pubg mobile season 18 or not.
But as per the time gap and the main event, there is a high chance of coming back bonus challenge in the 3rd PUBGM anniversary.

Most of the player has collected enough bonus challenge voucher to play bonus challenge. It’s the most awaited event for everyone. Let’s hope the new season 18 will introduce another bonus challenge event.

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