Why pubg is a famous game among the player? Millions are addictive.

What reason made the pubg famous game among millions of player?
Sometimes, this question rises in my mind. And after thinking for a while, I got the answer. Why the Pubg mobile game is on the trend? Why has the PUBG game become popular in comparison to other games? You know, the pubg game was released on December 20, 2018, on Microsoft window. And on March 19, 2018, it was released on the androids.

The online battle royale game pubg become more popular after it distributed its version for mobiles. And after release on androids, it gots new name pubg mobile. Surprisingly, in December 2020, the pubg mobile got 734 million downloads on mobile devices and grossed over 4.3 billion dollars.

So, don’t you think it’s much for androids games? And since the releasing date to 2021, the players are not tired of playing this game. Instead, the craze of pubg game is increase day to day among the players.

The reasons that made pubg famous among the millions of the player.

I have made a list of some reasons from my own viewpoints. These things increase the craze of pubg mobile.


Nothing is sold without promotion. Pubg mobile is everywhere, whenever you open your computer or mobile, you will get at least one impression of pubg. Don’t you? Okay, I am on Facebook right now. And when I scroll the news feed, I see at least 5 links or photos of the pubg game. Yes, I play the game, so I don’t care.

But what about those who don’t play it?
They will try.

Yes, the promotion on everywhere like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube makes people more curious. It makes people think that it’s everywhere, it must be good, why don’t I try this game? Already the pubg is an addictive game, and if anyone tries it for a while, they don’t quit it easily. So, the promotion has made the pubg mobile game more famous among the players.

Memes and trolls

Do you see memes about PUBG on social media uploaded by individuals and Facebook pages? It’s another big reason the trend of PUBG games is increasing every day.

Mention your PRO prayer!
Mention your noob Friends!
Enjoyment and long conversation on the comment sections. Right?

And what other non Pubg players do? Do they just think about what’s going on? After that, they think to install the PUBG mobile to understand what’s going on social media. Trust me, the troll and memes of the PUBG game have made me more curious about the game.

A healer during the Depression

I don’t know if someone noticed or not, but I do. The craze of the PUBG game increased after the outbreak of COVID19. According to the source, in 20202 December, the Pubg mobile game had 734 million downloads worldwide.

Why? Because there was lockdown everywhere. Due to the COVID19, all the people locked inside their homes without anything to do.
The depressing time it was, wasn’t it? Therefore, millions of players installed PUBG mobile on their devices to enjoy their depressing time.

And the game healed the mental pain of players. From that day to till now, the players loved PUBG mobile and made it a favorite game. PUBG mobile is a favorite and famous game till now because it played the best role to heal the depression of many people.

No clue, What’s next?

PUBG game brings new surprises in every update, RIght? But can you predict what the game will introduce next season?
That’s why you are addicted to the PUBG mobile game. The game is not boring and monotonous, always new surprises and excitement. After you are tired of playing one event or season, the other arrives immediately to increase your enjoyment. SO, the PUBG game is everyone’s favorite.
More suspense!
Suspense and mystery.

To be the one

Yes, most of the player play PUBG game to become a pro and a top player.
Because the top player has a good name and fame among other PUBG players. Just think you are on the list of the top 10 among millions of worldwide players. Everyone will visit your profile and know about you. You are the celebrity of the PUBG game. How will you feel? Everyone will know your name and BIO. The dream to become a top player has increased the competition among the player. The PUBG player plays the game for hours to become a top 10 player.
And do you think they will quit the game? NO!
TO become a pro player, they will play the Pubg game until getting success. Therefore, the desire to become a top and pro player has made the PUBG game popular and addictive.

Real-life experience

The PUBGM has given real-life experience to the player, so they love to play the game.
You can try different kinds of weapons in the game.
Riding a vehicle, flying on a parachute, playing together with friends, isn’t it fantastic? You get a feeling of a real army. Oh, you can throw grenades as a hero does in the films. You can kill enemies taking the cover like a john wick. The PUBG game is liked by many players because it gives real-life experience to them.

The advent of the internet and high-end device

You know, a good device and internet are resources to play pubg. But some years ago, most people had not android phones and better internet.
Because it was expensive and far from the reach. However, nowadays, WIFI is cheap, Data is cheap even though androids are cheaper. Anyone can afford the best device and sufficient mobile data to access the internet. SO, the easy availability of android and better network has made PUBG mobile a top game. You have an android phone, you think about what to install and play.
OH, all are talking about the Pubg game, so Why don’t I try it? You start to play and play forever. And this is why PUBG is a popular game.

A social game

The PUBG game has varieties of features. You can play different matches on the various maps. Furthermore, you get real-life experience of using various weapons, equipment, and vehicles. But,
Moreover, you can connect with your friends even though they are out of the country. You can play together, communicate with each other. You can go on a ride for the battle with your squad like a hero. So, don’t you think it’s enjoyable and full of fun? So, it’s the reason millions of players installed Pubg games on their devices.

Competition and tournaments

PUBG is a famous game in comparison to other android games because the player can win a handsome reward.
How? Pubg game held various tournaments for the players to reward them with cash.

For example,
You can take part in great tournaments like PMCO, PMGC, PMPL. And your gameplay is telecasted live on various platforms like Youtube and social media. So, these kinds of tournaments have motivated the players to play the PUBG game more and more. Now, don’t say why PUBG is the most played game in the world.
And why Pubg mobile has millions of players?

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