Best Assault rifles in COD mobile- Top 5

Best Assault rifles in COD mobile- Top 5

The players can equip a wide variety of assault rifles from the loadout section for the matches in COD mobile. However, while selecting these guns for BR, multiplayer, or featured mode, payers must see their description.

For example, some Assault weapons(AR) are best for the longshot- some have good accuracy and mobility, and others are famous for suitable recoil, fire rates with high damage.

Therefore, let’s talk about the top AR to win the BR, multiplayer, and featured matches in CODM(call of duty mobile).

Top 5 assault rifles in COD mobile

1) Man-O-war

Man-O-war assault gun in Cod mobile

The Man-O-War assault gun is the best for its high damage ability in COD mobile. Players can use fire attachments on it to improve its performance. Furthermore, its fire rate is less, but the accuracy and mobility feature is best.

However, by using OWC marksman and Ranger foregrip, you can increase its accuracy and control. Also, the use of the RTC huge suppressor muzzle increases the range of Man-o-war AR.

Moreover, You can select the Man-o-war Assault as an airdrop weapon because its damage-giving ability will not disappoint you in the COD mobile BR matches. Also, you can use it on multiplayer mode only if you are a good survivor.

2) Type 25

Type 25 AR in Cod mobile

The Type-25 gun is the fastest assault gun in CODM(Call of duty mobile). It is the best gun you should equip for multiplayer matches because its mobility ability performs quick ADS action than your opponent.

The range feature of type-25 is medium, but if you use a monolithic suppressor muzzle on it, you can finish your opponent from long-range effortlessly. Moreover, the MIP extended light barrel and ranger foregrip help to control the recoil of type-25 AR.

3) M4

M4 gun in CODM

The M4 is a well-balanced assault rifle that you can use in battleroyale and multiplayer matches. Its damage ability might not be good enough, but its best range, recoil, mobility, fire rate, and accuracy make everything balance.

So, if you find M4 in the BR airdrop, pick it up. Also, most COD mobile pro players select M4 assault rifles to get high kills in the team deathmatches.

4) AS-Val

As-Val gun in Call of duty mobile

The AS-Val becomes another powerful gun among all assault rifles in CODM because of its frame rate and mobility. This weapon might not perform best in the BR matches- but no one can stop you from getting massive kills in multiplayer mode.

Moreover, the only worst thing about this weapon is it depletes ammo fast because of the high fire rate. But you can solve this problem by selecting the large extended mag B or fast reload attachment.

And if you look at its accuracy, recoil, and range, everything is best. I love to use this AR for team deathmatch in CODM(Call of duty mobile).

5) AK-47

AK47 gun in COD mobile

The AK47 is an assault rifle that can be the super loadout for both battleroyal(BR) and multiplayer match in COD mobile. AK47 can give strong damage’ to the enemy, but its fire rate is medium.

Similarly, its accuracy and mobility feature is best, but recoil is hard. But, you can control the recoil of AK47 by using OWC marksman and operator foregrip attachment.

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