Best Mages in Mobile Legends For Easy Win- Top 5

Top 5 Best Mages in Mobile Legends For Easy Win

If you are a Mobile Legends player, you might have tried playing many different heroes and mages. Your capability to play the particular hero in the match determines your win rate. So it is always better to master as many heroes as possible. Remember, one can never reach Mythical Glory by just playing with a single hero. So try to master at least 4 to 5 heroes for each role.

Understanding the role of Mage in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Before I list the powerful mages in MLBB, you need to understand who exactly are Mages. Mages are the heroes in MLBB capable of dealing with ranged magical attacks by casting spells.

Their damage is intensive, and most of them also possess Crowd Control ( Capable of controlling or stunning enemy )skills. Mages play a heroic role in team fights because of their high damage output. However, they are too squishy (can be easily killed) and targeted by enemy heroes more often.

Top 5 powerful Mages in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

1) Esmeralda (Tank + Mage)

Esmeralda (Tank + Mage) in mobile legends

Esmeralda is one of the most powerful mages in Mobile Legends Bang Bang because of her damage-durability. Her first skill is Frostmoon Shield, which enhances her movement speed and converts the enemy’s shield into her power. Her second skill is Stardust Dance, and it deals physical and magical damage to the enemy.

Each time she hits an enemy with her second skill, her cool down (CD) for this skill reduces by 1.3 seconds. Moreover, her ultimate skill Falling Starmoon allows her to jump to the desired location, dealing immense magic damage while stunning the enemy hero for 1 second.

2) Eudora

Eudora mage in mobile legends

Having a crazy amount of magic damage, we have Eudora mage at number 4. This hero is not only powerful but is also very easy to use. Apart from her damage, her Crowd Control skill can be troublesome for enemy heroes. So, her first skill is forked lightning, which allows her to bend the lightning and strike the enemy hero with it. This skill deals 350-600 magic damage. And her second skill Ball Lightning stuns her target for 1.2 seconds. Also, it affects a slight amount of magic damage.

Moreover, her ultimate ‘Thunder’s Wrath’ skill is one of the most intense attacks in Mobile legends. It deals massive magic damage to the opponent heroes in the range and spreads on the ground accompanied by slight extra damage.

3) Alice

Alice mage in MLBB

Alice falls among the most used mage in competitive and rank matches in a higher tier in mobile legends. Her passive grants her additional max Hp up to 2000, making her tanky and capable of solo laning. Her first skill Flowing Blood makes her capable of throwing a bloodstream. And it deals some magic damage to enemies also allows her to teleport to the location of the stream.

Furthermore, her second skill deals around 300 – 390 magic damage and stuns the opponent for 1.2 seconds. And her ultimate skill Blood Ode makes her almost invincible by granting her the ability to deal damage to surrounding enemies while restoring her health.

4) Kagura

Kagura mage in mobile legends

Kagura’s ability to manipulate her umbrella is helpful in a team fight, as well as checking out the bushes for enemies. Even though she is squishy, her damage in the game makes her among the strong magical mages in Mobile legends(MLBB).

Her passive lets her generate the shield and stun the enemy when she blinks in the location of her Seimei umbrella. However, once you utilize this ability, you cannot refuge for around 5 seconds.

Kagura can freely move her Seimei umbrella around her nearby areas, dealing decent magic damage and slowing down enemies through her first skill Seimei Umbrella Open. Moreover, with her ultimate skill Ying Yang overturns, Kagura can push back enemies, slow them down, and deal massive magic damage.

Not to mention, she can be immune to the enemy Crowd Control skill by using her second skill, which makes her capable of dashing in a forwarding direction, leaving behind her umbrella. Her second skill is also able to make her move to her umbrella location and grab it. Doing so will not only allow her to blink but also able to deal some magic damage to the enemy heroes.

5) Lunox

Lunox mage in MLBB

Lunox is not just a mage, but you can use her as a support. Her magic attack is capable of dealing high magic damage. Also, she slows down the enemies, which makes her extremely useful in team fights.

Her first skill is Starlight Pulse, which rains starlight upon her target and deals around 200-350 magic damage. Apart from the damage, her skill is also can heal the caster.

The second skill of Lunox is Chaos Assault. And this ability makes Lunox mage able to unleash energy, which deals magic damage to the opponent and slows them down. If an enemy gets the second skill of Lunox, she deals additional max HP damage.

Furthermore, her ultimate skill is the power of order: Brilliance grants her an ability to enter the Brilliance state, making her invincible, as well as capable to deal some magic damage every 0.5 seconds, whilst increasing her movement speed by 18%.

In conclusion

Those were the list of the 5 most super mages in Mobile Legends. Among mentioned heros, there are many other OP mages in MLBB that will make you win if you use them correctly. I hope this post helps you pick the best mage for you and get some decent numbers of kills.


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