How to play Mobile legends bang bang? A guide for beginner

How to play Mobile legends bang bang? A guide for beginner

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is a 5v5 MOBA game for mobiles developed by Montoon, and millions of players play this game on their android.

The popularity of Mobile Legends Bang Bang has motivated its developer to improve the optimization and graphical elements of the game.

Also, it has led them to introduce this popular game as an esports platform, giving rise to many new esports teams and competitive players.

Gaming Experience

The fascinating graphics with an adjustable frame rate of up to 60 fps and availability of the network boost option in this game provides a smooth gaming experience to the players.

Moreover, players can customize their graphics quality, cameras, controls according to their comfortability. The beautiful artworks and characters are another most entertaining feature that motivates the player to play the Mobile legend Bang bang game.

How to play Mobile Legends?

Before you dive into the battlefield to kick your enemies, let me explain the objective of Mobile Legends Bang Bang to you.

On the battlefield, the players divide into two teams of 5 members, and the goal of both opposing teams is to get past the opponent’s turrets by destroying them. And finally, blow up the enemy’s base.

The heroes from both teams prepare themselves for the attack by purchasing battle items with the golds, which you can earn by killing the minions, jungle monsters and knocking down the enemy team members.

The team with more gold always has a greater chance to win the mobile legend battle. Also, they can make themselves powerful than the opponent by purchasing more battle items.

The heroes from both the teams chose their respective lanes from among the three different lanes. And they take their planned steps to destroy the enemy’s turret.

The mobile legend battle comes to an end as soon as the base of either of those two opposing teams gets destroyed. And the victory goes to the first team to destroy the enemy’s base.

Roles and picks in Mobile Legends

Remember that each team member should pick their hero to win the battle. The ability of the heroes in this mobile legend is:
(I) Tank for defense and protecting allies
(II) Fighter to initiate the fight in the game
(III) Assassin to kill the squishy opponent’s heroes

(IV) Marksman to increase the damage of the team in a fight
(V) Mage to deal magical damage in a fight and increase the overall damage output of the team
(IV) And supports to buff or heal the allies.

Most of the heroes in the mobile legend bang bang have only one specific role. But there are also some characters capable of fulfilling two different actions at a time.

After you decide the role you want to play, you can choose your hero accordingly in mobile legends. Every hero in the game has their counters, so make sure you pick your character wisely.

It might be hard to understand the ability of all the mobile legend heroes. So, make sure you try experimenting with different heroes and practice their combo skills.

While playing mobile legend, beginner players find some difficulties. But a couple of matches gives a sound idea of the objective. However, mastering a particular hero requires a lot of practice and dedication.

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