Why am I still a noob player in pubg mobile? Let’s be the best.

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After playing pubg mobile for a long time, do you think yourself a noob player?

And the question arises in your mind;
What should I do to become a pro pubg player?

Despite having a high internet connection and a high-end device, you call yourself a noob.

Whereas others who play PUBG on a normal device still play like a hero.

What is the reason? Why you can’t play a pubg game like a pro player?

What’s the problem? Your device? Or, your network?
If you played the game for a long time, still you are a noob; then don’t blame your device and the internet.

Just blame yourself and your playing style. You are not a noob, you are the best player. Only you have to know the reason for failure to improve them.

Here, you will know the reason behind your loss of the classic match on the pubg mobile.

Here is why you are still a noob pubg mobile player.

There all reason is based on personal experience and practice.

What should you do?

Don’t believe in TDM matches because the result is not pure there.


Its a bit discriminatory, better device and network take the TDM trophy.

You are a noob because you ignore the right place. TDM is nothing, no need to focus on it. Instead, you should show great performance in the classic ranked matches.

But here, you play on TDM with MVP, on the classic match you can’t do well despite the high-end device.

Why you are a noob?

  • On the Erangle or ranked match you panic because of enemies’ footprint. And you lose your control while your enemy takes a rush on you.

  • Still, you don’t have the right teammate to play with. Here, an unknown teammate won’t think about you. No communication, no sharing no caring, loot, no nothing.

  • Because you play the match closing your eyes. No planning, No strategies. You are not a pubg noob player, only you don’t try to know where the camper is.

  • When you see an upgraded kill message broadcast, 100 RP players in the match lobby, you lose hope. Furthermore, when the conqueror and skilled player comes in front of you give up there.

If you call yourself an unskilled Pubg player, then you are making those mistakes. Your mistakes and thoughts are making you a weak Player of PUBG mobile.

Here’s why you can’t win classic matches in PUBG mobile.

If you are unable to win every classic match with a high kill, call yourself a noob player.

Before that, try to know the reason for losing the matches.
I know;

  • Your aim skill is not at the best level.
  • Best sensitivity matters to get chicken dinner, but you don’t have.
  • You have no permanent squad to play every match together.
  • You focus on boot fire rather than the real enemy.

The other reason you play like a noob in the classic matches is;

You loot more
push toward the enemy

You try to loot more in the classic matches, it’s the reason you get killed in classic matches. For example, you have a helmet, vest and necessary weapon although you loot instead of fighting.

Don’t play like a noob player, you are in the ranked matches to get chicken dinner in PUBG mobile.

You play with fear
You play with fear
pubg pro

Definitely, in the classic match, you play with fear, so you get killed like a noob player. Don’t be afraid of TPP enemies, campers, hot-drop If you are afraid it’s your mistake. You are in the online game, not in a real-life situation. Be cool.

No consult in the game
No consult in the game
pubg mobile emotes

If you play ranked matches, you need to have strategies and a plan to defeat your opponent.

But you don’t care about it. Right?
Just make it before you go to the match. Try to use throwable weapons, and flang toward your enemy.

Fool rush
Fool rush
winner chicken dinner

You don’t win classic PUBG matches, it’s because you don’t think before you rush. Check property if your enemy is in your surrounding.

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