How to be a sniper master in pubg mobile? The best tip

HD photo of Pro sniper master in pubg mobile.

Some pubg players are smart guys because they just don’t wait to zoom in on their sniper scope. Yes, they are sniper master, so they are the pro Pubg mobile player.

And do you know how to give a perfect headshot to your enemy with a sniper?

If you can, I will not ask you how many kills you get in a match?

If you use sniper accurately in pubg mobile, probably you get more than 8 kills in each match.

However, if you are not a better sniper of Pubgm, then come on, we will discuss it.

Types of snippers.

  • Bolt action sniper.

This sniper has the highest damage for the headshot. Being a bolt action sniper master will make you a pro pubg mobile stealth killer.

KAR98K, M24, WIN98(only on Miramar) and AWM are the example of bolt action sniper in PubMed.

  • Assault sniper.

This sniper shoot more bullet in comparison then bolts action. Also, the damage is lower.

If you have good skill in any AR sniper, you can use it for both short-range and long-range.

The best tip to become a sniper master in Pubg mobile.

The best tip to become a sniper master in pubg mobile.

The damage given by bolt sniper is 2 times more than AR sniper. So, here we will describe using bolt action accurately to become a pro sniper in Pubg mobile.

Most of the players make their joystick small in size(50%). And its the result they get speed movement but no accurately. Making the big size of joystick disturbs your crosshair position by its high speed.

Yes, I have lost many matches because of the wrong size of my joystick. The small joystick is more sensitive, a light touch gives high movement.

Therefore to become the best sniper master in pubg mobile, make your joystick big in size. It gives you the best movement and accurate movement.

And you will ask, what’s the best position of the joystick?

It doesn’t matter where your joystick is located, but only you should have a habit of swiping it perfectly.

So, make your joystick size of 100% to 120% to be a sniper master.

So it is only the best tip you can use your sniper for a perfect headshot in pubg mobile. Furthermore, to get an excellent result, practice more and more on the training round & cheer park.

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