How to increase fps level in pubg mobile? Play without lag.

How to increase fps level in pubg mobile? Play without lag.

I am getting low fps while I play the pubg mobile, can I increase the frame rate level?

A common question of every player. Right?

Nowadays, the gaming field is developing rapidly. Every game released on a different platform asks for a higher system requirement. Games mean online, offline, pc or mobile games.

And the playing device should be matching with the games requirement to get higher performance.


Lags and game crash.

And the gameplay performance is measured in the frame rate per second (FPS)
the higher fps means the game is running smoothly without lag. Your device is handling everything effortlessly.

Similarly, pubg mobile is also an online game which is in a trend. The game releases the latest updates with new features every season. And every new patch and updates comes up with new demand.


Today your pubg is running in high fps, but in another update, it will decrease.


A new feature arrives! Renovated graphics.

As a result, the pubg player with a low-end device gets upset. Because their device doesn’t support them and disturb their enjoyment.

Let’s suppose you have a low-end device.


When you give spray-on enemies, and the enemy sprays you back, in that situation, you get killed. Although your bullet hit your enemy.

Why does this happen?

Because you are playing pubg mobile on low fps whereas your opponent is standing ahead of you with more fps.

Forget to get chicken dinner in pubg mobile if you play on the decreasing ‘frame rate per second(FPS).

Therefore, today you will get an idea to increase your fps in pubg mobile even though on a device with 2GB and 3GB ram.

Here’s how you can reduce lag and increase your fps level in pubg mobile.

If you play Pubgm on 2GB or 3BG ram, your game will not run at the best fps.
But here’s the solution to solve the low fps problem in pubg mobile.

Just download the wolf game booster application on your device to get higher fps.

This app not only raises your fps level in Pubgm but also fix the lags. Also, it optimizes the pubg sound effect, shadow and graphic resolution to give you the best fps level.

Feature of wolf game booster.

  • If you play on the high graphic, the app will help you play on the best ultra.
  • The player gets extreme smooth who play on the ultra level.
  • The current player who is playing on extreme can play on 90 fps after downloading the app.

After you download the wolf game booster, choose the best setting for your device to get the best FPS in PUBGM.

Here’s the app setting to increase fps to a high level for pubg mobile.

For high to ultra
Sound QualityLow

Don’t change other settings to get high fps while you play pubg.

For Ultra to extreme
ShadowOff or, Low
Sound QualityHigh

You will get more than an ultra frame rate per second on PUBGM without changing other settings.

For extreme to 90 fps
Sound QualityUltra

In this application, you will get the option to get 90 fps to 120 fps ( frame rate) in pubg mobile, but there is no guarantee it will work. Because 120 fps is coming soon on pubg global version.

After you set up all the setting, launch your game from the wolf game booster Apk. Don’t run the game form your home screen.

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