Best ways to use gloo wall in Free Free

Best ways to use gloo wall in Free Free

Among all the items, the Gloo wall is also the best item in Free fire that can lead you to Booyah. The gloo wall helps the player in every situation in the battleground- Either short-range or long-range battle.

You might have seen players who play Free fire on the PC are masters of using the Gloo walls- They use it quicker than expected. They know when and How to use the gloo walls in Free fire, so they survive longer and kill more enemies on the battlefield.

But, most of the players think that only the best weapon matters to dominate the battleground. Yes, it is true, but without the survival technique, Powerful guns also become useless.

Therefore, I have brought the best tips to master the gloo wall in FF so that you can play the match till the final circle. So, let us continue.

Tips and tricks to use gloo wall Free fire

1. Look at the sensitivity- Is it appropriate?

If you want to use the Gloo wall and play the match like an emulator player, you should care about your game sensitivity.

You might be two or three or four finger player, whatever, but remember one thing- If you play quickly and you can control everything, then you are playing in the best setting.

However, if you can’t control the gameplay with speed, it means you are in the wrong sensitivity. The perfect use of the Gloo wall is related to the setting you customize, so keep the sensitivity at the best level for better performance.

2. Use the Gloo wall while jumping.

Players use many techniques while throwing gloo walls. But, the best way is you should throw the Gloo wall while jumping in the FF battlefield– it is only the trick. I know you are confused. But the logic is simple. Listen.

The gloo wall takes a bit of time before it activates, so if you throw it without thinking, your enemy might finish you before the gloo wall become a cover. But, if you jump and use the gloo wall, it will work perfectly.

3. Use double Gloo walls.

Have you ever used throw Gloo wall in the same place and the fighting situation in Free fire? What is the advantage of that, so listen.

As you know, the FF Gloo wall has a limited hit point, and if you use 2 gloo walls at once, your enemy will run away from there, and you will survive longer.

Think yourself what you will do if your enemy throws two gloo walls at you- Will you waste your time to destroy those covers, Or will you escape from there? But, this trick works perfectly when you are trapped between more than one enemy in the match.

Now, it is not enough! You should master these Gloo wall tips and tricks in FF, so I suggest you join the Gloo wall training room for at least 10 to 15 minutes every day. You know, Free fire has added the Gloo wall training room feature in the update OB26.

Some related questions

  • How many Gloo walls should I take in Bermuda/Classic match?

You should carry at least 4 Gloo walls in every Bermuda classic match and use them at the best time. For example, when the enemy rushes upon you. Similarly, when the enemy is sniping at you. Finally, when you are stuck between the squad.

  • How many Gloo walls should I carry in a CS-ranked match in Free fire?

You should carry at least 2 gloo walls in the clash squad mode in FF if you have enough dollars. Otherwise, you can ask your squad or teammate.

  • What much damage the Gloo wall can deal?

The Gloo wall can handle much damage and make you safe for some movement-You can use health kits safely and decide on further steps.