How to build a house like a villager in Minecraft?

How to build a house like a villager in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you might have seen the beautiful huts of the villager, so in this article, we will build the same type of house step by step with pictures.

You will find different structures in the world of Minecraft- Desert temples, woodland mansions, outposts, villages, etc. In the Village itself, you will get houses made by villagers. These huts have a simple structure but are beautiful.

So, the huts of Minecraft villagers are small and consist of one bedroom, a wooden log roof, and some windows. But, if you want to make the same house, you might feel difficulty, so here I will show you how to make a simple villager house- Let us start.

Steps to build a villager house in Minecraft

The material needed to construct the village hut in Minecraft is a stack of cobblestone blocks, 3 window panes which you can make from glass blocks, a bed, 2 wooden stairs, 10 wooden planks, 1 stone stair, half a stack of wooden logs, 6 wooden trapdoors, 2 cobblestone walls, and 3 torches. The wooden blocks can be of any wood.

Step 1

Since the house’s dimension is 55, make a 55 platform with cobblestone. (Only the outline)

First step to build a Villager house in Minecraft
Step 2

Then cover the inside(floor) with wooden planks.

Step 3

On the right side place two wooden stairs. (You can make stairs from wooden planks.)

Third step to build a Villager house in Minecraft
Step 4

Place a plank in the middle of those stairs, then place a torch on top of it.

Step 5

Then place a bed on the left side.

Fifth step to make a Villager hut in Minecraft
Step 6

Then lace a door in the middle and build the outline with cobblestone blocks.

Step 7

In front of the door, place cobblestone stairs, then on the side, place 2 cobblestone walls with torches on top.

Step 8

Then add two layers to the outline of the house.

Step 9

On the third layer, add glass panes in each direction in the middle, then cover the rest with cobblestones.

Step 10

Do this design in the back and the front. (2 blocks above the door and one block each at the side.) The inside of the house is complete.

Step 11

Now start making the roof by placing logs on the top. In one straight line, there should be 7 logs. Make 7 lines on the roof total.

Step 12

Then Add 2 trapdoors on two sides of the glass pane. Do this on every side.

Congratulation, you successfully build the same decorative Minecraft house/hut that the villager makes for shelter in the Village area.

Minecraft villager house