Which are the Strongest heroes in MLBB after the Revamp?

Which are the Strongest heroes in MLBB after the Revamp?
What is a hero revamp in Mobile Legends?

The heroes weaker in comparison to other heroes get revamped. In MLBB, the Revamp typically means adding new ability or more points to the Heroes to make them Strongest than others. After the Revamp, damages defenses and hp regens increase.

So, In this article, I will list out five heroes in Mobile Legends who became more powerful after the Revamp.

Top 5 strongest heroes after Revamp in MLBB

1. Balmond

Balmond Hero in MLBB: Got power after Revamp

The revamp of balmond increased the physical attack and the defenses of physical and magical attacks from the enemy units.

So, this new skill makes the balmond one of the powerful revamp and also caused the hero to be nominated banned in every rank match of mobile legends.

The balmond is much powerful in late games, and if it is stunned continuously can be encountered. Some of the encounter heroes of Balmond are Zilong, sun, and is strong against the hero such as Lancelot, Hanabi, etc.

2. Barats

Barats used to be best as tank role heroes but after the revamp of the hero, Barats played the role of fighter or assassin and is considered one of the most overpowered heroes since the early start to the late game.

After the revamp of the Barats, there is much addition of the basic damage rather than defenses stats.

If the item is build of a tank and equipped with the emblem of an assassin, then the barats become the strongest hero. Barats is best in an MLBB team fight but is weak against the burst damage heroes.

3. Saber

Revamp hero in MLBB: Saber

After the hero upgrade, saber damage has increased massively rather than his defense stats. Saber can be very useful from the early start of the game but become weak later because she cannot contribute much to the team fight.

In MLBB, Saber is strong against the marksman and mages like Hanabi Layla lylia. But she is weak against the hero like sun Alucard.

4. Sun

Sun got more Basic and physical attacks power than defense stats after revamping.

He has become the most ban hero of all time in the matches. Sun is best in pushing the turrents and 1 v1 fight. But, even after the hero revamps, he is less Powerful against the bust heroes such as Fanny yu zong.

But, if you master Sun’s skills, he can become the best carry of the team and lead the team to victory.

5. Hayabusa

The Hayabusa is on the final list who become one of the Strongest heroes in MLBB after the revamp. Now, he has the best physical attacks, and he can help push the turrent and deal with the massive damage in the team fight.

The Hayabusa is best against the heroes like sun Layla, Rafela. And he is weaker against the heroes like Eudora saber, etc.