How to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft: 11 steps

How to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft: 11 steps

Here, we will go through step by step with pictures to build a working TNT cannon in Minecraft. Shall we start?

What is TNT in Minecraft?

As known in every game, TNT is an explosive material that causes an explosion in a particular area. Similarly, in Minecraft, TNT is a blastic weapon that you can use for massive destruction and bringing down big hills quickly. If you want to make a base or something, but there is a mountain blocking it, you can use TNT. Making TNT isn’t that hard.

How to make TNT in Minecraft?

Making TNT is easy. The material needed to make 1 TNT are 4 sand blocks and 5 gun powder. Place the sand blocks and gun powder on the crafting table (like in the picture) to craft a TNT in Minecraft.

How to make TNT in Minecraft?

Steps for Making the TNT cannon in Minecraft

The Materials required to make TNT cannon are 20 solid blocks, about 8 TNT per shot, 1 slab, a bucket of water, some temporary block, Redstone dust, and 4 Redstone repeater.

Step 1

Firstly, Place 9 blocks horizontally.

First step to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft
Step 2

Leave one gap and place another 9 blocks horizontally. Put a block in the gap. The gap which is not closed is the direction the TNT cannon will be facing.

Step 3

Now you need to put a block in the middle here. The dirt is a temporary block that you can break after placing the solid block.

Step 4

After that, take a bucket of water and pour it below the solid block you just put- If you put it correctly, the water will reach the end of your canon.

Forth step to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft
Step 5

Then put a slab at the last block where the water stops flowing.

Step 6

To fire a Minecraft cannon, you will need a lever or a button, so place a lever at the back of it.

sixth step to build a TNT cannon in Minecraft
Step 7

Then place Redstone dust all over the stone blocks except on 1 block on one side and 2 blocks on the other- (Like in the picture)

Step 8

Now in the side where you didn’t put Redstone dust on 2 blocks, place 2 stone blocks, then add Redstone on top of them. (It is the TNT activator that activates the TNT.) Then place TNT on top of the slab.

8th step to build a TNT cannon in Minecraft
Step 9

Then on the same side, replace 4 Redstone dust starting from the block in front of the lever with 4 Redstone repeaters. So, here is the picture of how you can make a Redstone repeater in Minecraft.

How to make a Redstone repeater in Minecraft
  • After making a Redstone, place them like this.
Step 10

Then right-click/tap twice on each of the Redstone repeaters. It sets a time for the TNT to explode. You can remove the TNT and check this system works or not.

Step 11

Now for firing the canon, you will need more TNT. From the second Redstone repeater, places 6 TNT up to the slab then you can press the lever.

There, you successfully made the Minecraft TNT cannon, and now the TNTs placed in the ground will explode and push the TNT above the slab.

The water will prevent the TNT from exploding the cannon. You will have to reload all 7 TNT in the cannon again to fire, but while doing this, remember to turn your lever off first.

TNT cannon in MInecraft