Minecraft Automatic cobblestone farm building steps

Minecraft Automatic cobblestone farm

Cobblestone is a basic block that you use widely on Minecraft, and you can obtain this block by breaking a stone with a pickaxe. It can be found everywhere and mined instantly. But, to make buildings, you need to have this block in an insane amount, and a cobble farm may be a good option. So, if you are wondering how to make an automatic cobblestone farm in Minecraft, this article will guide you.

How does the cobblestone farm work?

You can obtain cobblestone in another way too. For example, mixing lava and water forms cobblestone, and this Minecraft cobblestone farm works exactly with these mechanics. So the basic concept of this farm is to make as many cobbles from the generator and push them to one area with the help of pistons and blow them with TNT. So let us get into the steps.

Steps to Build an automatic cobblestone farm in Minecraft

Step 1

Firstly, Make with any building blocks an 11×8 platform and 11×7 platform one layer above the first platform like stairs(Like in the Picture).

first step for building Minecraft Automatic cobblestone farm

Step 2

Then, place water source blocks at the end of the upper layer.

Step 3

Then, Place hoppers at the end, and connect them to the chest so that every item that falls on the platform will store in the chest.

Step 4

Now, from the center of the platform, go up about 10- 15 blocks and create another 3×3 platform using obsidian.

Fourth step for making Automatic cobblestone farm in Minecraft

Step 5

From one end of the platform go about 5 blocks side and 5 blocks below.

Step 6

Then, make a cobblestone generator as shown in the picture, and make another generator on another side of the platform.

Step 7

Then, place a piston and set up a Redstone clock so that the piston pushes the generated cobbles upwards. (on both sides). The pillar will form, and you can make another obsidian pillar for more security.

Step 8

Again place a piston on the side of the pillar so it can push the block towards the center obsidian platform using the temporary blocks.

eight step to make Automatic cobblestone farm

Step 9

Then, Connect all the pistons to the clock and increase its tick by 1.
(The Redstone contraption for this is in the picture.)

Step 10

Make a TNT duplicator above the center of the obsidian layer at about 10-15 blocks high.

Step 11

Now, Make a huge Redstone clock and connect the TNT duper with the clock like in the given picture.

Step 12

Extend the obsidian layer on both sides.

Your cobblestone farm is ready in Minecraft

Now, this automatic Minecraft machine will start to farm enough cobblestone automatically. The TNT will break the cobbles and fall onto the water stream, which takes those cobbles onto the hopper and then collects them into the chest.