How to make a snowball farm in Minecraft step by step?

How to make a snowball farm in Minecraft step by step?

In Minecraft, if you don’t want to go far from home only to get snowballs, you can make the snowball farm in your living place to get many benefits. Snowball is a resource that only spawns on higher altitudes and cold biomes in Minecraft, and you can obtain it by using shovels on the snow on the ground.

How to build the snowball farm in Minecraft?

You need these materials to make a snowball farm:- 8 Cobblestone, 12 dirt blocks, 4 glass panes, 1 stone slab, 2 snow blocks, 1 carved pumpkin, 2 Redstone dust, 1 lever, and 2 pistons.

The first thing you need to do is, check your coordinates because snow only spawns in the cold biome OR higher values of the y coordinate. For plains, swamps, and beaches, it should be Y>64- For jungles, it should be Y>124, For savanna, it should be Y>184.

After collecting all the resources for making a snowball farm in Minecraft, you can follow these steps:-

Step 1

First, place 4 cobblestones making a square. Then on two sides, cover the edge with dirt and place a stone slab on the center.

First step to build the snowball farm in Minecraft
Step 2

From the corner, make a 2 block high pillar of dirt block and makes an opposite L on both sides.

2nd step to make the snowball farm in Minecraft
Step 3

Put glass panes on the edge of dirt blocks. (To make a glass pane, you will need glass blocks.)

Third step to make build the snowball farm
Step 4

Then build a snowman- To make a snowman in Minecraft, you need two snow blocks and a carved pumpkin. In the space between the two glass panes, place two blocks of snow on top of each other and put a carved pumpkin on top.

(You can carve a pumpkin by right-clicking it with shears. You can find pumpkins in spruce villages and plains.)

Step 5

Place two pistons facing the front and put a lever on the corner and connect them with Redstone dust.

Step 6

Push the Snowman to the corner and push the lever. Make sure by doing so Snowman is stuck. If not, you can try it again by pushing it into the corner and pushing the lever again. Then in the middle, put a glass pane.


Make a roof for the Snowman to keep him alive from rain or sun. Then you can remove the temporary stuff like the piston, dirt blocks, Redstone dust, and lever.

Snowball farm in Minecraft
Step 8

Now use your shovel at such an angle that you can farm from two snow at once. Just keep left-clicking, and you have an unlimited source of snowballs in Minecraft.

snowball farming in Minecraft

So, This is how you can do snowball farming to produce unlimited snowball without any effort in Minecraft.

Frequently asked questions

1) What are the uses of snowballs?

You can use snowballs to craft snow blocks and make a snowman as a pet/decoration. Also, snowballs can be used as a weapon because you can throw them at enemies.

Moreover, you can also use snowballs instead of arrows to destroy the healing crystals while fighting the ender dragon in Minecraft.

2) How to make a glass pane in Minecraft?

Firstly, collect sand blocks and smelt them using Furnance to convert them into glass blocks. Now, place 6 glass blocks on the crafting table to craft 16 glass panes at once(In the picture).

How to make a glass pane in Minecraft?

3) How to make snow blocks in Minecraft?

Firstly, collect snowballs by digging the snow by shovel. After that, place 4 snowballs on the crafting table to craft a snow block.

How to make snow blocks in Minecraft?