Which are the Best Defensive Items in Dota 2?

Which are the Best Defensive Items in Dota 2?

There are more than a hundred items in Dota 2, and among them, some are physical while some are magical. But the two main item categories in Dota 2 are offensive items and defensive items.

Offensive items offer you more damages, slows, stuns, and other effects which hinder the enemy and inflict negative debuffs. In a strategy game like Dota 2, items build are very important that decide whether you’ll win or lose the match.

These items are buyable with gold and found in different shops according to their nature. I will talk about the best defensive items in the game that can save you from the most tricky situations.

Top 5 defensive items in Dota 2

1) Black King Bar

Black King Bar

The Black king bar is the Strong defensive item, which can change a course of a team fight single-handedly. It provides the users with damage and strength.

Furthermore, its ability is what makes it Special. When you use its skills, a hero can have spell immunity and 100% magic resistance for a short period which is a Powerful boost.

It is one of the best items for carrying heroes in Dota 2 so that they can comfortably dish out large amounts of damage without being shut down or disabled. Black King Bar item costs 4050 gold.

2) Eul’s Scepter Of Divinity

defensive items in Dota 2: Eul’s Scepter Of Divinity

It is another item that mixes both offensive and defensive capabilities, and it is very cheap and only costs 2725 gold. It provides you with mana regen, intelligence.

Eul’s Scepter Of Divinity item lets you dodge attacks and delay your death for a couple of precious seconds of the game. This item is very handy and can be a major factor between life and death.

3) Heart of Tarrasque

Heart of Tarrasque

It is another great defense that provides a lot of raw health, health regen, and a good amount of strength to the hero in Dota 2. This item is best when you are dying too fast.

For carriers who can’t survive longer in battle, the heart of Tarrasque is best because it gives high survivability to dish out lots of damage. However, Heart of Tarrasque is expensive than other items in Dota 2 that cost 5000 gold.

4) Blink Dagger

Dota 2 item: Blink Dagger

Among all defensive items, Blink dagger is a relatively cheaper and best item in Dota 2 that costs 2250 gold. It is one of the most used items and the best tool to escape from danger and tricky situations.

Blink Dagger allows you to teleport to a target up to 1200 units away. However, you cannot use it until 3 seconds you were last damaged by an Enemy or Roshan.

You can use Blink Dagger in most situations because of its versatility and ability to save you from tricky situations like no other.

5) Manta style

Manta style in Dota 2

The manta style is one of the Powerful items in Dota 2 that you cannot underestimate. It provides the hero with strength, agility, intelligence, attack, and movement speed. Another main thing is that it creates 2 mirror image illusions that deal a certain percentage of damage to the enemy.

It is best because it creates confusion among the enemies and differentiates the real and illusions. So you can use Manta style as an offensive and defensive item in Dota 2.


These 5 are the best items for defense in Dota 2, according to my experience. These defensive items provide the heroes with great survivability and a chance to outplay the enemies. However, all the items are best according to the situation.

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