Nautilus LoL Wild Rift: Best Build, Counter, Spell, Item, Rune

Nautilus LoL Wild Rift

Nautilus is a newly released tank champion in LoL Wild Rift that you can play in the dragon lane as support. If you like supports that can hard engage on the team, have lots of durabilities, and make lots of game-changing plays, then nautilus is the champion for you.

Nautilus, a Tanky Support champion, is notoriously known for having tons and tons of crowd control and stuns. He can get your team a kill if he manages to lock a single target down.

But keep in mind, he is hard to play as his whole kit revolves around his first ability, which is his hook, but if he misses the hook, he becomes useless tanky support in Wild Rift. But if you manage to land the hook on an enemy carry, it is almost a certain death for them if your teammates follow up.

Best Build Guild: All About LoL Wild Rift Champ Nautilus

Best Combo for Nautilus

As previously mentioned, Wild Rift nautilus’s combo depends on his hooks, and if you want to do his combo, firstly, you have to land his hooks.

First, make sure you hook the enemy carry. After your hook connects, you use your passive to auto them and root them in place, followed by your second ability. You can get shield, tank, and damage by your third ability, which slows enemies around you and then followed by your ultimate for maximum stun.

However, you can also start the Nautilus combo with your ultimate and then hook the enemy when the enemy gets stunned from your ultimate for the guaranteed hook.

Weakness and Counters of Nautilus

The biggest weakness of Nautilus in Wild Rift is champions with lots of mobility and dashes as it will be hard to catch them. Another weakness of nautilus in WR is Morgana champ, as she can just black shield her abilities.

Similarly, the counter of Nautilus in Wild Rift are champions that stop his engagement like Nami, and Janna, so be sure to ban any support champions that can mess up your engagement.

Nautilus’s Best Build Items in Wild Rift

Nautilus's Best Build Items in Wild Rift

The first best item on nautilus Build is Zeke for the ally damage boost, followed by the item protectors vow along with locket and deadman’s plate. These items supply more movement speed to the nautilus, so you can roam freely and impact the game more.

Similarly, the last two items for the best nautilus build in LoL Wild Rift are Abyssal Mask and Thornmail. Due to his durability, the two items make nautilus very hard to deal with and kill. However, you can also go full magic reset if the enemy team has all ap or go full armor if the enemy team has ad champs.

Nautilus’s Best Spell

Nautilus's Best Spell

Exhaust and flash are the best spells for Nautilus in Wild Rift, or you can also use ignite and flash if you want to play aggressively.

You take exhaust and try to hook the enemy carry and then exhaust the carry so his damage becomes less, which is very important during teamfights as you can make the enemy carry useless.

Best Runes of Nautilus in LoL Wild Rift

Best Runes of Nautilus in LoL Wild Rift

The only rune best for nautilus is Aftershock which is very easy for him to proc, and it also gives you extra resistance stats, which is very helpful for naut as he always likes to dive into the enemy team.

Your next rune will be a weakness, as you have lots of stuns which can buff your ally team’s damage. Another perfect rune for Nautilus in Wild Rift will be loyalty for defense stats for you and your teammates.

The final rune will be a pathfinder for movement speed and gold, which you will get every time you are near an ally champion.

The best skin of nautilus in Wild Rift

The best skin of nautilus in Wild Rift