Wild Rift Annie Build: Best Combo, Counter, Spell, Rune, Items

Wild Rift Annie Build: Best Combo, Counter, Spell, Rune, Items & Skin

Annie is an assassin mid laner champion in Lol Wild Rift who can easily one-shot your backline when she’s ahead or has a Full item build. Even though Annie is the Strongest champ, few players prefer to play her.

She has everything you would want in a champion, such as aoe damage abilities, a free stun, a shield for her and her team, and insane wave clear and damage.

When playing Annie, be sure to farm till you get your ultimate. After that, every time your ultimate is up, look for plays and rotation to get your team ahead.

Keep in mind to have your stun up when you are rotating as it is the only ganking tool Annie has but worry not that one stun is more than enough as Annie has an insane amount of damage and can easily one-shot anymore.

Annie is a mid to late-game champion. During the late game, you should be looking to one-shot the enemy carry’s whenever they are mispositioned and make the fights 4vs5.

But be careful with your positioning when playing Annie. As I said, she is very mobile, and once she is mispositioned, it is almost a guaranteed death.

Now let us build the Annie with her best combo, spell, rune and items.

Guide: Best Build of Annie in LoL Wild Rift

Best Combo of Annie in Wild Rift:

Annie combo is usually stacking her passive and using her ultimate to stun all of the enemy team and use all her ultimate. You can also go protobelt and flash for an unexpected gap closer, followed by a stun.

Weakness and Counter of Annie:

The only real weakness of Annie is assassins that have tons of mobility. Since Annie has no dashes or gap closing ability, the main threat is an assassin that can catch her as she has no way to escape.

So be sure to ban zed or fizz when playing Annie in the mid-lane. Besides that, she has no real weakness, but yes, champions like Ziggs and Lux can counter Annie in Wild Rift.

Best Spells for Annie:

Best Spells for Annie

Flash and ignite are the perfect Wild Rift spells on Annie for the extra kill pressure and burst damage. However, you can also swap ignite out for barrier or exhaust if the enemy team has tons of threats that can kill Annie.

Best Runes for Annie:

Best Runes for Annie

While you build Annie in Wild Rift, you should use perfect runes for her, such as Electrocute, Gathering Strom, Adaptive Carapace, Mana Flow Band.

(I) Electrocute
Electrocute is a very good rune in Annie as she can proc it very easily and deal crazy Unexpected damage.
(II) Gathering storm
Please don’t be baited into going brutal on Annie, as she already has enough damage, and going brutal will be overkill. So go for gathering storm to one-shot even tanks in the late game.
(III) Adaptive carapace
Very good rune against AP and AD assassins in Wild Rift
(IV) Mana flow band
Since Annie struggles with mana issues in the early game mana flow band has your best choice of the rune.

Annie Item build:

Annie Best build in Wild Rift

The First best build item of Annie in Wild Rift is Ludens Echo for cooldown, wave clear, and then Awakened soul Sealer to have ultimate up quicker. Then you can use cooldown boots with protobelt enchanting. You should finish the Annie build with items like a rabadoons death cap, morellos, and void staff. You can also swap morello with infinity orb if the enemy team doesn’t have any healing to one-shot enemies quicker.

Annie skin:

Super Galaxy: Annie skin

The Super Galaxy is the best skin for Annie in LoL Wild Rift.

In conclusion, after knowing all these things, you can build other champions against Annie.