Best settings in LOL: Wild Rift for smooth gameplay

Best settings in LOL: Wild Rift for smooth gameplay

The settings play a crucial role and drastically affect your gameplay. So having the best game settings will give you a massive advantage and increase your gaming skills gradually. In this article, I will explain the best settings you can use in LOL Wild Rift, but keep in mind settings options vary from player to player because;
(I) Different playing styles and habit
(II) Different Devices

LOL: Wild Rift Best Settings

1. Best Graphic settings in Wild Rift

Best Graphic settings in Wild Rift

Everyone loves playing any games at the highest graphic level. But, I am sure you know that playing games with the highest graphics have its downsides.

If you have a High-end device, then it is ok, but if you have a low-end device, you will face lag and FPS drop issues while playing Wild Rift in the high graphic.

Unless you have a high-tech gaming phone, I do not recommend you to put your graphics at a high level.

The maximum graphic level usually freezes your weak device or makes it slow, which is crucial during big and important team fights that can be the game-winning team fight.

For this reason, I recommend you to go to Wild Rift Setting-> Graphics and then press performance which is 60fps, for better and smoother gameplay without sacrificing the quality of your graphics.

2. Best Control settings in Wild Rift

Best Control settings in Wild Rift
Portrait LockPriority DisplayForce Attack FollowOFF
Targetting PriorityLow HealthDash in Move DirectionON
Lock Targeting SystemALLAlly Buff Targetting PriorityAlways Self
Semi Lock CameraOFFDeath and Spectate PanningNatural
Mini Map Auto PathingONWarding Aim AssetsON

Next up are the control settings, and these are the simplest settings that I could come up with for you.

Everything is set, so it will be easier to navigate in the game. You can easily watch the entire map without much difficulty. You can change the settings accordingly to your liking.

Also, turning on mini map auto pathing is super helpful in the game as you can just press where you want to go. The game automatically finds the shortest pathing way to your desired destination, which can help save time.

You might know better time is everything in wildrift, so turn on mini map auto pathing.

3. Best Quick chat settings in Wild Rift

Best Quick chat settings in Wild Rift

A quick chat is underrated, but an Important setting in wildrift that not all players know the true potential.

You can easily communicate with your teammates just from a quick chat without wasting time by typing, which is very hard to do in Wild Rift.

You can customize your quick chat in the settings and choose what things you think are Important and what chats you might use regularly in-game. It is purely up to you to decide.

However, be careful as you can only put a certain amount of quick chat as there is a limit.

(You might prefer other settings over mine, but these are the Easiest settings to learn and play LOL: Wild Rift.)