Best male characters in Free fire: Top 5 and their ability

Best male characters in Free fire: Top 5 and their ability

Garena Free fire has different male and female characters. But it’s hard to compare them because all are special, unique, and powerful.

However, after analyzing everything, I have made a list of top male characters with their power.

And among them, if you use anyone regularly, you can win every ranked match.

Top 5 male characters in Free fire

Best male character Alok in Free fire

Because of his good look and best ability, Alok is the popular male character in Free fire. It has a skill called ‘Drop the beat.’

This ability creates a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed by 15%. And it can restore 5HP for 10 seconds.

The active skill of the Alok gives outstanding performance while playing the match aggressively.

Male character Chrono in Free fire

The Chrono has a special survival ability that creates a kind of shield to block the damage from the enemy.

You can shot your enemy from inside the shield(Force field), but your enemy can’t do anything.

Also, it increases your movement speed by 15% for 8 seconds of activation.

The Chrono is the super male character in FF because its force field helps the player to survive longer. And it helps those players who want to push the rank.

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Super male character with best ability: Skyler

It is another top male character in FF and the hottest pop singer-dancer. Also, the CEO of the company.

The Skyler release a sonic wave that can damage 5 Gloo wall within the range of 100m. And it gets 9HP recovery with each Gloo wall deployed.

The Skyler is best for getting more kills in the match because it can destroy the Gloo wall. And it takes the enemies out of their cover.

Jota character photo

The male character Jota is best to increase survival time and Kill in Free fire. His special survival ability increase the HP with each shot upon the enemy.

The Jota gives some HP by hitting the enemy, and by knocking them, it boosts a maximum of 20% HP.

Joseph character in Free fire

If you want to increase your movement speed by each damage to the enemy, then the male character Joseph is best for you.

The survival ability of Joseph raises the movement speed by 20% for 1 second.

This ability can help you to avoid the shot of your enemy after you give damage to them.

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