How can you increase the headshot rate in Free fire in less time?

How can you increase the headshot rate in Free fire in less time?

It’s necessary to increase the headshot rate and KD to join a high-level group or tournaments in Free fire.

These two things reflect your skill and dedication. So, you have to balance the headshot ratio and KD ratio- They both should be at a high level.

However, some players maintain their KD at the best level and don’t care about the headshot rate.

How headshot ratio level up and decreases?

High headshot rate in Free fire

If you kill enemies by a headshot or you give them head damage, the headshot rate increases. But it is easy to listen to and hard to apply practically.

For example, if you win a match with more headshot kills but lose another match with 0 kills. In this case, your headshot rate will decrease in Free fire.

So, to maintain the rate, you should get head kills in all matches continuously in FF. Let’s discuss more.

7 best ways to increase headshot rate in Free fire

Avoid short-range fight

Close-range fight in Free fire

It is hard to aim at the head of the enemy from a short-range. However, to give the perfect headshot, long-range and mid-range are best.

But sometimes, you may encounter your enemy closely while landing, and sometimes you may face with camper nearly. In that situation, knock them from close range because you can’t escape from them.

However, if you spot your enemy from a far distance, then don’t rush upon them. But use the scope, target the head, and shot them from the long-range or mid-range.

Use the best weapon

Best weapon to increase headshot rate in FF

On the FF, there are many weapons, and some are best to give head spray. So, use the perfect gun to improve the headshot rate.

For example, Thompson, UMP, MP40 are best for short-range battles an SKS, Woodpecker gun is best for one-tap from long-range.

It’s better without scope.

Fighting without scope in Free fire

Aim assist is the best option in the Free fire. Whenever you fire without aiming, it targets automatically. So, it’s better to use it.

But, if you use scope, you have to aim at the head yourself, and sometimes you fail. So, shot without using a scope. It’s hard to learn, but you can do it with more practice.

Focus only head

Perfect aim in Free fire

The headshot and head damage is the only way to increase the headshot rate in FF. So, always try to focus the head of your enemy from the long-range and mid-range. But if you want to increase KD, your choice.

Wait for the best timing.

If you spot the enemy, wait for the best time to give a shot. You should only fire on them if they stop in one position.

Keep your eyes on your enemy by holding in one position. You know, it’s easy to give a drag headshot on the stopped enemy than the moving one.

Take advantage of height.

Giving headshot from the top in Free fire

It’s easy to give a headshot when your enemy is playing below your standing height.
For example, you are at the top of the building, and your enemy is walking on the ground. Don’t miss the headshot.

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