The best way to do one tap headshot in the free fire.

one tap headshot in the free fire

Do you know how to hit one tap headshot in the Garena Free Fire? If yes, you are already a hero who is saving bullets.

Free fire is a popular online battle royale game downloaded by millions of players. The game free fire has unlimited best features full of fun. And the player can choose a wide variety of weapons and supplies to play a match on a suitable map.

The first goal of every Free fire player is to easily get booyah. And for that, they need to win the match.

But what is needed to win the match? You are right, it requires the best skills, techniques,s and best settings. Also, the player who has good weapon skills and can correctly hit headshots can easily get the highest kills.

1 tap headshot is a trending trick used by most pro player to kill their enemies. As you know, a headshot gives more than X4 damage than hitting on the body of the enemy.

So, the question is;
How can I do a perfect 1-tap headshot in the free fire? We have a solution, and we will discuss all the possible tips in this article

Best tips for the perfect one tap headshot in the Free fire.

1. Need best sensitivity setting and custom hud.

The best way to do one tap headshot in the free fire
Best control of free fire

The best way to give one tap headshot to the enemy is by making the best sensitivity setting. It is also the most important setting to consider.

2. Correct positioning

One tap headshot

You should make your aim position correct. It requires habit and practice. For example, most of the time players use their cross here out of their enemy’s body location. As a result, they can’t be shot in their body too.

So, you should focus your aim on your enemy’s location. And as much as possible, locate your aim just above the head of your enemy.

3. Use trick

1 vs 1 headshot in free fire

For one tap headshot, you must know these tricks, You must use these three buttons together:
(i) The right-side fire button
(iii) Joystick
(iii) Use Crotch

For example, if you spot your enemy, then you first use your Crotch button. After that, move back and fire.

4. Need practice

one-tap headshot in barmuda map
one-tap headshot in Bermuda map

Tips are not everything if you don’t practice to improve your skills and aim in the training ground.

How free fire pro players easily give a one-tap headshot to their enemy? Their secret is they practice, practice and practice before they enter the ranked match.


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