How to increase clan level in PUBG mobile game? Useful tips

How to increase clan level in PUBG mobile game? Useful tips

Are you thinking to increase the level of your PUBG mobile clan? If you are, then give your time to this blog.

Pubg mobile is the most entertaining online battle royale game. The game has different features and varieties of weapons and map choices.

Similarly, another feature of PUBG is, you can make your clan in the game.

Players want to make their clan for a different purpose. And they want to upgrade the clan to level 10.

In one clan, there are maximum 50 players.

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Why improve a clan level in PUBG?

  • By increasing the level of your clan, you can unlock Pubg rewards. Like popularity, classic coupon scrap, supplier coupon scrap, Avatar and many more.
  • Also, to decorate and expand your network. You can add a global player to the clan and make them your friend.
  • The stronger clan help you to participate in the tournament. For example, if you want to go for PUBG’s biggest tournament like PMPL, or PMCO. PMGC then requires a high-level clan to win.

So, Here is the question,

How should I level up my PUBG clan?

Here is the best way to raise the level of your clan easily.

These tips can help you to increase the level of your clan in PUBG mobile:

Select the best clan tag

There are 4 types of clan tags, and they are;

  • Classic clan: It is the best clan if the member love to play classic matches like Erangle, Sanhock, Vekindi, LIVIK and Miramar.
  • Evo ground clan: best to select if a clan member prefers to play Arena matches, payload, or power armour mode.
  • Rp clan: if your clan member has upgraded the elite royale pass, the RP clan is a suitable tag for you.
  • Balanced clan: Best for the member who is the master of any mode.

So, use the best tag to make your clan level 10 quickly.

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Add active members.

Add active members
Add active members

To upgrade the rank of your clan, you should add active players. Otherwise, you will not get more ‘clan energy’. So, these are the ways to add active members to your clan:

  • You can add members from the global chat and global team request.
  • Keep sending a request to join your clan. To increase the chance, chat with them before requesting them to join the clan.
  • Focus to join your best friends or the player you know well.

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Earn clan points

Earn clan points
Earn clan points

Another best way to increase the clan level is to earn more PUBG clan points. Also, clan points are needed to buy extra rewards from the shop.
Here’s how you can get more clan points:

  • Complete clan training daily.
  • Request your member to redeem clan points from Pearks.

So, those are the best ways to increase the level of your clan.

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