Which is the best map to push rank in Pubg mobile game?

You will know, which map should you select to push Pubg rank to ace or conqueror.

Pubg mobile is one of the best e-sports that is entertaining millions of global players.

As we know, the game has different features. You can choose varieties of weapons and guns for the battle. Also, you can play the matches with squad, duo and solo.

Similarly, another feature of Pubg mobile is; You can explore the different map for more fun and entertainment.

And the player has one question on their mind,
Does a pubg map help me to push my rank to ace and conqueror?

Yes, by selecting a suitable map makes it easier to reach in the conqueror or ace tire.

And another question is which pubg map is best to increase tire?

This article is all about the pubg mobile maps you should select to get the highest rank to the top.

But before that, let’s knows something about every PUBG maps.

Types of pubg mobile maps

  • Livik
Livik map

It is the smallest map on pubg mobile, and it is the best for rush gameplay. It is a rich and diverse landscape with different types of terrain for a faster match. So you are thinking to push rank in Livik, then remember there are 60 players in it.

Map size2km*2km
Exclusive weaponsFAMAS, MK12
Exclusive vehicleMonster truck
Match time15 minutes
It is pubg traditional pubg map
Erangle map

It is pubg traditional map with different types of terrain and grate for everything. For example, no need to download the map. You will get all kind of weapons inside it. Also, there is a high chance of matching the same region players.

Map size8km*8km
Exclusive weaponsAll expect QBZ,
WIN98, G36C, MK12, FAMAS.
Exclusive vehicleAll except Minibus, Mirador,
Monster truck, Tukshai, scoter and Snowmobile.
Match time30-32minuts
  • Miramar
It is the big map of the PUBG mobile with a similar to Erangle
Miramar map

It is the big map of the PUBG mobile with a similar size to Erangle. It is a dry and desert place. This map is best for spinning. And most of the player choose Miramar map to push their rank quickly in PUBG mobile.

Map size8km*8km
Exclusive weaponsWIN98
Exclusive vehicleMinibus and mirador
Match time30-32minuts
  1. Sanhok
Sanhok map

It is the medium-sized map which is suitable for the group operation and intense firefight. You can enjoy dogs and cats climate between the dense forest.

Map size4KM*4KM
Exclusive weaponsQBZ
Exclusive vehicleTukshai and scoter
Match time24minuts
  1. Vikendi
Vikendi map

It the cold place full of snow. This place is best to give a headshot to your enemy. Because there is no place to take a strong cover.

Map size8KM*8KM
Exclusive weaponsG36C
Exclusive vehicleSnowmobile
Match time26-28

Which PUBG mobile map is the best to push your rank?

Miramar is a suitable map to reach in the ace or conqueror level easily. It is the best to map to push the PUBG rank in the top because;

  1. Big size

The size fo Miramar is much bigger than other PUBG maps. And this map is best for the camping and safe landing. So, the best place to push rank in the Miramar are Impala, Chumacera, Power grid, Monte nuevo, Pecado and water treatment

  1. Easy to locate your enemy

As you know, it is a dry and sandy place without any bush and grass to hide. So, you can easily spot your opponent your enemy from the far distance. Also, it is best for the long-range fight.

  1. Best for loot and vehicle.

You know, the vehicle is necessary to push your rank to conqueror or, ace tier. So, on this map, you’ll get a vehicle everywhere to take cover and travel a long distance safely. Also, you can collect the best loot inside the Miramar map.

  1. Best for survival time

You will get more points if you survive in the match for a longer time. Therefore, Miramar is the best map to stay in the battleground for a long period because it’s a large area. Therefore, playing on a large map is the best way to push your PUBG tier rank to the top.

  1. Safe from the hacker.

Many of the hacker play LIVIK and Erangle map because they want to get more kills. But because of the large area, they don’t play the Miramar map. So, the map is safe from the hacker. You can complete your match with freedom.

So, to push rank to the highest tier, play PUBG on Miramar map.

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