What is the best use of FAMAS gun on PUBG mobile?

hp photo of famas

The most popular game PUBG mobile welcomes unique features including, weapon and equipment in it’s every update. In the update 1.2 seasons 17, PUBG has introduced a new weapon named ‘FAMAS’ their user. Before the latest update, FAMAS gun was only available on another online game Free fire. Good news, now your favourite game, PUBG has brought FAMAS gun that you can use in the Livik map.

Features of FAMA gun.


In comparison to the other weapons, the recoil of the Famas gun is hard to control. But, you can control it smoothly by making your game sensitivity setting best. Also, some practice will make you master of this weapon.

Ammo capacity

The bullet capacity of FAMAS gun is less than other AR guns. This gun uses5.56mm ammunition. Also, the description of the ammo capacity is below in the table.

Without Extended25
With Extended35


The FAMAS gun has higher firing speed. Nowadays, most of the player prefers to use FAMAS gun in Livik matches because it’s damage is higher than some of other AR.


So, these are the attachment description of PUBG mobile FAMAS gun;

Red dot to 6XExtended,
Extended quickdraw
Flash hider,
Barrel extender,
Attachment Table

Found place

You can find this new weapon everywhere on the Livik map. For example, a power plant, midstand, crabgrass, Iceberg, Holdhus, Eastport, Waterfall etc.

The best use of FAMAS gun on PUBG mobile is:

You will get FAMAS gun in the LIVIK map matches. And it’s firing rate and damage is higher than others. Therefore, this gun is best for both short-range and long-range.
Also, the FAMAS gun is suitable to use;

  • When you the TPP location of your enemy.
  • Suitable to use in one vs one situation.

PUBG has brought the new weapon, events, mission and excitement, in the latest update runic power. Furthermore, the new concept has been added, rune powers, flame, wind and artic. Moreover, another chapter of metro royale is on your device. So, let’s enjoy the PUBG mobile season 17 and hope for much more excitement in the coming days.

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