The Power armour mode in the PUBG mobile: A full guide.

The Power armor mode in the PUBG mobile

The power armor is new mode in PUBG mobile game. On this mode, you will get a lot of fun in comparison to other events. Because the power armour event has a unique feature with exciting items.

Power armour is based on LIVIK map and Evo ground of PUBG mobile. And it is an unranked match that comes to your only to give you more fun and entertainment.

The main feature of this mode is to use power armour to achieve special ability and power.

For example, you can increase your movement speed, and you can fly in the air. But for that, you should collect a full set of power armor like,

  • Power armour
  • Power vest
  • And Power leg

And you will get those set from the matrix crate and matrix base. But you need some nanocrystal and power armor blueprint to redeem the armour from the matrix base.

So, collect them more, you can get in every place like a dust particle.

Rules of Power armor mode.

  • If you die on the match, then you will get another two chance to continue the game from the same location. You will get all the necessary items.
  • Your task is to collect more power armour blueprint and nanocrystal to get PUBG power armour.
  • You can play only squad mode not solo and duo.
  • It is unrated Evo ground match like payload just for fun and some achievements.

Play PUBG mobile power armor mode.

The PUBG mobile season 17 is more entertaining than another season.

The game added a runic power event where the player can get extraordinary power to fight with their enemies in the battleground.

After that, PUBG mobile brought power armor. So, these are something you should know about the new event.

  • On matrix crate area, you will encounter with any opponent. And their goal is to loot flier gun to get power armor. So, your task is to loot more than your enemies.
  • Don’t worry your rank will not drop even though you lose the match. Neither your KD will decrease. So, play the mode without fear.
  • Your goal is to get power armor to get a powerful ability to defeat your enemies like a superhero. Just be like a superman,

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