The most Powerful guns for clash squad match in Free fire

The most Powerful guns for clash squad match in Free fire

Nowadays, most of the player plays clash squad match because of many reasons. Because, firstly, the CS match is shorter in comparison to other modes. Secondly, players can use different powerful guns and suppliers in the clash squad in Free fire. Also, it has many other entertaining features.

And the matchmaking of clash squad match is between team VS team. One team consists of 4 players(Squad). And the team who wins all round of CS becomes a winner.

So, every team aims to clear all four rounds to get booyah. Furthermore, the player who gets high kills and damage among all squad member become an MPV. MPV means a pro and a One-man army.

Therefore, it is necessary to use high-damage guns for the clash squad in Free fire to get more kills and booyah. Let’s discuss more on it.

Top 5 powerful guns you should use for clash squad match in Free fire.


UMP gun in Free fire: powerful weapon for clash squad match

The UPM is a powerful weapon for the short-range and mid-range battles in the clash squad. But, from the long-range, it doesn’t give much damage. If you want to rush upon your enemy, UMP is the best choice.

Category: Submachine gun
Accuracy: 43
Range: 37
Damage: 50/1 bullet
Magazine: 48
Movement speed: 79
Fire rate: 74


Famas gun in Free fire: Best long range fight in clash squad

The Famas is not an auto gun, and it shot 3 bullets per one hit on the fire button. The best thing about the Famas is it is the perfect gun for the long-range fight in the clash squad in Free fire– And you can use it without using a scope. Moreover, the damage of Famas is high in comparison to other weapons in FF.

Category: Assault riffle
Accuracy: 54
Range: 70
Damage: 53/ 1 bullet
Magazine: 30
Movement speed: 62
Fire rate: 67


M1014 Gun in Free fire: High damage weapon you should use for clash squad match

The damage of M1014 is very high on close-range battles. It is best to use in comparison to other shotguns in FF because of its bullet capacity. Its mag occupies 6 bullets.

That’s why the M1014 is the perfect high damage gun for the insane fight in the clash squad ranked mode.

Category: Shotgun
Accuracy: 10
Range: 10
Damage: 94/ 1 bullet
Magazine: 6
Movement speed: 60
Fire rate: 39


MP40 gun in Free fire

It is the best weapon from the SMG category for the clash squad match in FF. But the problem is it throws all the ammo at once in a second. So, if you miss your target, you missed it.

However, if you succeed in hitting a perfect spray from an MP40 gun, no one can defeat you on the close-range fight in CS mode.

Category: Submachine gun
Accuracy: 17
Range: 22
Damage: 48/1 bullet
Magazine: 20
Movement speed: 63
Fire rate: 83


XM8 gun in Free fire

Most of the players think XM8 is the worst gun. But, Do you know it has some good features.

It is the best weapon for the long and mid-range battle in clash squad ranked mode in Free fire. It has low recoil and gives high damage than other Assault riffles.

Category: Assault riffle
Accuracy: 58
Range: 58
Damage: 33/1 bullet
Magazine: 25
Movement speed: 73
Fire rate: 60

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