Best pets for better gameplay in Free fire: 2021 Top 5 helpful

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There are varieties of pets in Garena free fire game that the player can take in the match for better gameplay. Also, those pets give extra power to the player during the matches.
And you know each free fire pets have its unique style and ability. Some are best for defensive work, and some boost HP.
The players get puzzled while choosing the best pet for the match because of their different abilities.

Therefore, here is the list of top Grena-free fire pets with descriptions.

Choose these 5 pets in the free fire for the best gameplay.

Detective panda

Pandas, how cute they are, right?
Yes, the detective panda is the best pet in the Gerena free-fire game.
The price of the panda is 699 diamonds. However, some players purchased it for less price when it was introduced for the first time.

By unlocking the detective panda, you get a total of 3 emotes in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels. And in the 6th level, you will get skin that is more attractive than the 1st level.

About the ability of detective panda:

It has an awesome ability that gives the best result for aggressive gameplay. And if you kill an enemy, you will get 4 HP, known as the ‘panda blessing’. And the ability increases at each level.
So, if you want to survive longer in the ranked match, the detective panda is helpful to the pet for you.

LevelPanda blessing
14 HP per 1 kill
27 HP per 1 kill
310 HP per 1 kill

It is another top pet in the free-fire game. The price of Rockie is 699 diamonds. But, during the event, some payers redeemed it for a discounted rate, 200 diamond top-up. Furthermore, you will get 3 emotes, also 2 skins in the 1st and 6the levels of Rockie the pet.

About the ability of Rockie:

The Rockie gives an ability to the player called ‘stay chill’. It decreases the cooldown by some per cent at every level. The Rockie pet is mainly used for DJ Alok’s character.

LevelStay chill
16% decrease
210% decrease
715% decrease

The pet is mainly used for tournament matches. And the price of Beaston is 690 diamonds. But, during the event player unlocked it with a top-up of 200 diamonds. Moreover, by unlocking the Beaston pet in free fire, you will get 1 emotes in each 2nd, 3rd and 4th level(total 3). Also, it is an awesome skin in the 6th level of Bastone.

About the ability of Beaston:

The best one provides a unique ability to players know as a ‘helping hand’. While throwing logo wall, grenade, and flashbang, it increases the distance by 10%.

LevelHelping hand
110% increase
220% increase
330% increase
Mr. waggor

While it was first introduced on Free fire, most of the players unlocked Mr waggor by top-up 200 diamonds. But, now the price is 699 diamonds.

And it gives 1 emote of Mr Waggor in each 2, 3 and 4 level. Moreover, in the 6th level, you can unlock decorative Mr Waggor skin.

About the ability of Mr Waggor:

It gives the ability called ‘smooth Gloo’. You can create a Gloo wall in every situation to take the cover. And you know. The ‘cover’ is the best part of the match to get booyah. And the ability of the Mr waggor raises at every level up.

LevelSmooth gloo
1120 second=1 Gloo wall
5100 second=1 Gloo wall
7100 second=2 Gloo wall

The price to unlock Falco is 699 diamonds. Nowadays, the maximum number of players choose Falco as a pet. Because it has the best ability and unique style of all.

It has 3 emotes that can be unlocked in levels 2, 3 and 4. Also, you can unlock Falco’s skin in the 5th level.

About the ability of Falco pet:

The Falco is a flying pet that gives energy to the player called a ‘skyline spree’. With the help of the ability, you can increase your gliding speed while skydiving by 15%. Furthermore, it increases the diving speed by 25% after opening the parachute.
By selecting Falco, you can become the first person to land on the battleground.

LevelSkyline spree
115% gliding speed
25% diving speed
230% gliding speed
37% diving speed
745% gliding speed
50% diving speed

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