Easy way to unlock Pacifist in Pubg mobile: How to get the title?

pacifist title in PUBG.

Really, I tried more than 40 matches to unlock the Pubg mobile pacifist title and finally succeed.

The pacifist title is one of the top achievements for the Pubg mobile player. However, only around 8 to 10% have grabbed this title after a long struggle. The player has to complete a difficult mission to get it in the Pubg game.

But this article will help you and increase your success chance by 60%.

Rules about the pacifist title

  • You should be on the platinum tier or above it. But if you are in the silver, gold and bronze rank, you will not get the Pubg pacifist title.
  • Pacifist means you are not a war and violence lover. Therefore, you should get chicken dinner in the classic match with 0 kills to earn the Pacifist title. Otherwise, if you killed a single enemy, you have to restart your mission again.

So, don’t you think getting a chicken dinner in a competitive match without a single kill is a challenging task?

New tips to unlock the pacifist title easily in the Pubg mobile

Find the safe location

To get the chicken dinner with 0 kills, you shouldn’t go near your enemy. Therefore, your first objective is to search for a safe location to avoid the hungry opponent.

I suggest you avoid hot drop places because you will encounter your enemy at every step.

Instead, land far from the aeroplane’s path because only a few enemies drop there.

In conclusion, ignore hot drops, and land far from the plane path.

Be alert at every step.

Remember, remain cautious in all situations. For example, if you saw any bots near you, don’t stay there any longer.

Because your other enemy will arrive there for the bot fire. And if they saw you there, you have to fight with them without any other option.

Team up, but…

Another way to get the best title is to team up.
But, the problem is few players support during the match. Because every player has a different aim.

For example,
Some want to get high kills to push the rank. Whereas others play to increase the Rp points. So, it’s difficult to convenience them to team up, right?

Therefore, you should plan to grab the Pacifist title on the platinum tier after 3 weeks of the new season. Surely they will agree with you. Just turn on your mike and speaker!

Use a smoke grenade properly.

A smoke grenade creates a cover in a time of need and makes you safe for a while.

Also, if you throw it on any enemy, they will not die on a single attack. Therefore, pick up enough smoke.
But use them properly,

For example, if you are in the last circle and spot an enemy at a 20-metre distance. In that situation, create smoke by using the grenade to call another opponent toward him.

After that escape, the area while other fights because of your proper use of smoke grenade.
So, don’t forget to keep at least 4 smoke with you.

Heal battle

I already mentioned, your goal is to survive without killing anyone to get a pacifist title in PUBGM.

Therefore, ignore other unnecessary loot and collect more and more healing materials like Medkit, first aid, energy drink, painkiller, and adrenaline syringe.

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