The best place to find bots in Pubg mobile: Erangle and Livik map

bot house pochinki pubg mobile.

Let’s find out the place with high numbers of the bots in Pubg mobile to kill them.

In the Pubg mobile, there are two types of players; a real one and a bot.
The real players are you and I.
Whereas Bots are the programmed player or, you can call them brainless enemies. But, most of the time, bots play an important role while matchmaking in Pubg.

And bots are weaker than the real enemies, so most Pubg players search for a bot to increase their KD ratio by killing them. The Pubg bots don’t use their brain as we do. . Because they are structured and directed by the programmes. Also, their hit damage is less than the real one’s.

So, there are many places to get many bots in Erangle and LIVIK. Just go there and kill the bots and increase your KD.

Best place to find many bots in Pubg mobile Erangle and Livik map

Corner of Pochinki
Best location to get bots in Pubg mobile
Corner of Pochinki.

The Pochinki lies in the Erangle map. The corner of Pochinki called the ‘bot house’ is the best location to get a high number of bots in Pubg mobile.

In this area, you will get at least 3 to 4 bots. But, beware Pochinki is a hot drop area full of pro players. Most of the player land there to get more loots and kills.

So, stay safe from the real enemy in the bot house and search for the bot. Surely you will get it.

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Small compound
top area to kill bots in Pubg mobile
Small compound.

The small compound is located in the centre of the school and Pochinki area. And it is another suitable location to kill 2 to 3 bots in every match.

After killing all the enemies and bots, you can also go near the school apartment to take the loot.
However, you should land on a small compound only if you play solo, 1 vs 4 and alone. Otherwise, it will be uneasy for you to share bots with your teammate.

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Midtstein road
Best place to get many bots
Midtstein road.

On the Midtstein road, if you can, you can kill at least 4 or 5 bots.
Also, on this road, many players land for some goal. So it will be easier to get extra more kills.

So, Midtstein road is the perfect location to get more kills and bots. Because it’s a hot drop area full of loot, bot and real enemy. But always go with plan and strategies.

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Midtstein hills
top bot area in Pubgm
Midtstein hills.

It is one of my favourite location in Pubg mobile;

Because I get enough loot and at least 2 to 3 bots there in every match. Therefore, you can also try the area.

However, ager killing the bots, it’s wise to escape the location because the LIVIK is a small map, so it’s always dangerous to stand in one area without a goal.

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