How to play better in the hot-drop of Pubg mobile? Survive with high kills

solo vs squade in georgpull pubg mobile.

Pubg mobile hot-drop places are too competitive, so it’s hard to play like a pro without skills and tips.

Hot drops are the Pubg location where every enemy leaves their parachute for the fight. And most players choose the hot drop areas for two reasons;
Firstly, the hot drop places are full of enemies, so it’s easier to increase the KD. Secondly, those places are best for loot. The Pubg player land on the hot drop to collect more suppliers that are available everywhere.

However, despite high kills and loot, every player doesn’t survive long in the hot drop places. Because it’s the area of pro and skilled players. So, if the player doesn’t have proper skill, device and network, they get killed by the opponent squad immediately in hot drops.

Therefore, we will discuss tips and tricks to clear the Pubg hot drops by getting the highest number of kills.

Tips to Play matches in Pubg mobile hot-drop location

Hold, Push and change.

How to play better in the hot-drop of Pubg mobile? Survive with high kills
Hold, Push and change

On Pubg hot drops, you should have better strategies to kill an enemy squad like a pro.
And the plan is simple;

If you spot an enemy from a bit far distance, don’t push directly. Instead, you should hold the cover and try to know their activity and location.

Furthermore, you should change your position frequently to clear hot drops successfully in PUBGM. If your teammate gets killed, you should hide from your enemy without any surprise plan.

However, by chance, if you get detected, don’t hold yourself in the same area. Because they will attack you with full plan and dedication using throwable.
So, you must have a position-changing technique to survive longer in the Pubg hot drop locations.

Do landing perfectly.

Do landing perfectly.

Most of the time, players lands on the hot drop location where the enemy is already landed.
As a result, they don’t find the gun and loot immediately and get killed in a short time.

Therefore, you should not make the same mistake. If you do, then your KD and rank will get down.

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Before you land on the hot drops, try to know which area is safe for you to survive longer.

  • If the enemy landed in C building, change your landing direction and go to the office( Military base area )
  • If the enemy landed in the main building, then change your flying root for side slow( Boot camp )

Don’t forget to use a throwable.

Don’t forget to use a throwable.

Throwable are the most helpful weapon in the pubg game. It is used to attack the enemy without much risk.
Therefore, you should use throwable on the hot drops to kill the enemy squads.

Don’t collect throwables and keep them in the bag. Just use it frequently.
In hot drop places, you will encounter waiting enemies holding cover. Therefore, throw enough throwable weapons to take them out from the holding places.

The player who uses throwable properly can win the hot drop matches in the Pubg mobile.

Don’t push without the main loot.

Don’t push without the main loot.

If you only find a shotgun or, Piston doesn’t take a rush. Because there are high risks and no guarantee to get a single kill.

The hot drop is full of skilled players with AR and SMG. Your shotgun and Pistol can do nothing there.

Therefore, To get high kills in the hot drops, collect the best suppliers like a helmet, Vest, AR and SMG.
After collecting them, don’t wait to clear the hot drop location.

Don’t run for the rush without the necessary equipment and supplier to win hot drop locations for getting chicken dinner.

Helpful tips

  • Don’t hold on to one place for a long time. If you do so, you can’t defeat your hot-drop enemies due to a lack of loot and time.
  • Make your listening ability stronger. Otherwise, it would be difficult to win matches in the hot drop places. The proper listening sense helps you to know your enemy’s actions and footsteps. So, improve your sound sense from FPP mode TDM.
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