Most precious and luckiest items in the pubg mobile: 5 Rarest things

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Let’s discuss the luckiest and most precious items in the pubg mobile.

There are many items, equipment, and weapons in the Pubg game. However, among all, some of them are easy to get. Whereas others are rare and require luck to unlock.

Most precious and luckiest items in the pubg mobile: 5 Rarest things
M416 glacier skin

And those pubg mobile legendary items have a high value. It gives extra power also fame to the player. So, what are that legendary items of pubg mobile?

Top 5 Rarest items that are Luckiest and precious in Pubg mobile


The Pubg material is the rarest item. Materials are used to upgrade the upgradable gun skin in the PUBGM. The cost of materials is not fixed, but it depends on your luck. Because you can’t buy materials with UC directly. So, the player spends a lot of UC to open crates to get more materials.
But also they get materials hardly. Therefore materials are very special pubg item.

Mythic emotes

It is another precious item in the pubg mobile. You can get mythic emotes mainly from two sources,

  • Royal pass.
  • Luck emotes outfit methods.

Nowadays, royale pass emotes don’t matter because the maximum player has upgraded their ‘elite pass’. Therefore the value of mythic royale pass emote is less in comparison to the past.

However, luck emote outfits are still considered a valuable item in the pubg mobile. Because the chance of unlocking them is too low. So, only a few lucky players have mythic emotes unlocked from the ‘lucky emotes outfit’.

Upgradable guns

The upgradable gun is also a lucky item in the pubg mobile game.
firstly, these guns are rare, and the only lucky player can get them for free. Secondly, The upgradable gun gives more value to the player. It provides a separate identity to the player.

Do you have M416 glacier skin?
How long do you wait to unlock it?

Yes, I know, the M416 glacier is the most rear and precious gun in the pubg mobile, so you didn’t get it immediately. It took a long time to unlock it from the classic crate, right?

However, there are other weapons in the pubg mobile which can’t be unlocked for free. They require more and more UC. So, why don’t we say that upgradeable weapons are the most expensive item in pubg mobile?

Mythic outfit.

The chance of getting a ‘mythic outfit’ from crates or spin is below 5%.
Therefore few players have success unlocking the mythic outfit. Also, you can unlock a mythic outfit from the elite pass in 100RP rank. But it requires a lot of time to get a 100 RP rank.

There are two types of mythic outfits,

  • Outfit with emotes
  • Outfit without emotes

To unlock an outfit with emotes requires a lot of crates. And still, the chance is almost impossible. But the player who invests a lot of time and tries more and more has a 2% chance.

The outfit with emotes mainly comes in the classic crate and premium create. Moreover, an outfit without emotes has a bit higher chance than ‘an outfit with emotes’. You can get it in 100RP rank which is time-consuming. Also, you should have upgraded the elite pass. So, the mythic outfit is the rear item in the PUBG mobile.

Special title, tag and avatar.

Some titles, tags,s, and avatars are considered to be valuable and hard things in the pubg mobile.

for example

  • Conqueror title: Reach in conqueror tire and get the title. However, it’s a much more difficult, and time-consuming task.
  • Perfectionist: This title is obtained by upgrading 6 elite passes in a row without missing one.
  • Mythic fashion: It is the latest title introduced in pubg mobile season 18. It is obtained by unlocking the ‘mythic item’ in PUBGM. The ‘mythic fashion is the most expensive title in pubg mobile.
  • On mission title: You get on mission title by completing some specific challenges.
  • Pubg partner title: This title is achieved by maintaining a good relationship with the teammate.

Some specific tags in pubg mobile

  • Conqueror tag: Reach in the conqueror and get it.
  • Mythic fashion: Unlock 300 mythic outfits in pubg mobile and get the mythic fashion tag.

Some special avatars in pubg mobile

  • Conqueror avatar
  • Crew challange
  • Start the challenge

So, don’t you think? Those pubg titles, avatars, and tags are the most precious and luckiest item of pubg mobile.

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